Money Back Guarantee

Further explanation how money back guarantee works ensure that the services that we held a design contest is without risk because of the Money Back Guarantee service features are described as follows:

Money back guarantee valid for:

  • All design category. If the client get less than 15 designs per contest and the client can’t find the desired design.

  • But, only for naming/tagline contest, the client can only get 50% money back (after being reduced by Sribu’s posting fee).

Money back guarantee is not valid for:

  • Saver package

  • Additional feature ( Private, Confidential, Extended )

  • Posting fee

  • Contest using discount voucher

  • Combo Package

  • Web Development


For example, if you purchased a logo design with a bronze package that costs USD 250 with an additional 'private contest' feature for USD 30, the total charge for your contest will be USD 280.

If you have not received at least 15 (fifteen) designs and you don't like any of the designers' submissions after your contest period has ended, you can request to redeem our Money Back Guarantee policy by contacting us at [email protected], where we will provide you with a refund request form.

Sribu will process your refund as follows:

- We will refund your initial payment of USD 280 deducted by USD 30 (non-refundable) for the private contest feature and USD 25 (non-refundable) for the non-refundable posting fee. Sribu will process your refund amount of USD 225.00 to be transfered to your specified bank account on the following Wednesday.