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We are a world class brand of personal body care base fragrance products.The products lines are coming in body perfume, Body Cologne, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Butter and Body Scrub. We are using highquality material for all products such European Fragrance and apply Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) certified with highest quality control.

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    PASSION - selected fragrance by passion
    IN SPIRA TION & OPTIMISM- inspiring people’s life by using our fragrance
    EXCELLENT - excellent in everything we do (service and product)
    FRI END SHIP - making people more confident in socializing with others mind body soul optimism confidence passionate creative growing soft skin smells good relaxing comfort calming

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    Our company is carrying various types of fragrance products such as shower gel, perfume, body lotion and etc. Most of our products have natural scent which we ought to reach our customer needs. With our products we can deliver a product that suits our customer’s best. We want them to feel that they can find their true identity (personality),more confident and fresh after they are using our product

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    The masterbrand would be consisted of logo, visual communication and marketing strategies, where the sub-brands are the products themselves, and for each product, we have to define the specific target market / characteristics of the product, the demographic and location of the future customers, therefore specified marketing strategy.Senswell has a great range of products, a great fragrance can really uplift a woman’s confidence and Senswell is here to help our customers to feel more confident yet also feel like themselves.Senswell helps our customers to find your personal identity through the different fragrances.Finding the right fragrance for each customer is what senswell is all about. Therefore, senswell has invented a method called the‘aromatology’. Our aromatologists are here to help customers finding
    their very own signature scent. A fragrance that best describes their
    unique personality. and then you can find us more at www.senswell.com

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    Our customers are 80% women around the age of 25-40 years old who have a cosmopolitan or urban lifestyle and are interested in shopping beauty and body care. They are also interested in fashion, personal grooming, the night life and are healthy oriented women. Customers can become frustrated when buying other products because they might be too expensive or that the quality is not as good as what they have expected. They are also frustrated when the fragrance scent changes in time or not being able to buy the product as it is out of stock. Customers value the image of the brand, the quality, they want a product that they could trust and feel secure about as well as the emotional bonding between them and the product

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