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Logo for Breakfast Delivery Service

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The product is breakfast-box delivery, in the package of styrofoam or food-grade packaging (kind of Bakmi GM). The target market is college student, office employee, and apartment residents.


Food and Beverage

Tema dan informasi yang diinginkan pada desain

I kind of thinking about combination of sunrise (because it's breakfast, and it should brighten your entire day), and a simple icon/a picture of food box/lunch box (because it comes to customer in box/package). But it's still open for designers' imagination.

Make the impression of cool, modern, youth, and makes you want to eat now :)

Make the logo represent our product : delicious, best value for money, fresh, and in a modern way to get (delivery and online order)

I would like yellow - mustard like (McDonald's Yellow) to be the dominant color, the combination color is up to designers. But i like one or two tone color, not more. And it has to still looks good when it became monochrome (so, no gradations) B. Sandi Pudjokusumo, FounderZarapan, 082114493293, [email protected] (Make it unique)

Nama yang dicantumkan pada logo

Zarapan - Breakfast Delivery

Informasi dalam kartu bisnis

B. Sandi Pudjokusumo, FounderZarapan, 082114493293, [email protected] (Make it unique)

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  • #FFCC00

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