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Matterpolitan Logo



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A logo that will represent a new startup blogroll/online shop that will sell innovative technological products made in Indonesia to the world. The logo has to represent a global geographical coverage and emphasize on indonesian technological products (Please don't include indonesian flag or batik in the design!).

Apa warna yang Anda inginkan di dalam logo? (Optional)

No specific preference, would be nice to have metallic blue or metallic maroon combined with silver or metallic black. Design is open.

Apa jenis logo yang Anda inginkan? (Optional)

Logo (with a small text at the bottom) - text proportionate to max 10 percent of the logo size. Text should read: Matterpolitan (type faces can be mixed as mentioned above).

Apa nama yang Anda inginkan di logo? Jelaskan mengenai desain yang Anda ingin

Matterpolitan (preferrably within 1 line, can be designed with different facetypes and/or color). The colors have to be dynamics. It will be used on

Apakah ada link atau keterangan tambahan sebagai referensi untuk desain Anda? (Optional)

The business is based on my character as social entrepreneur. I would like to give back to society at later stage through the revenue generated by this business. Since this is a startup. There is no existing logo available for reference. This design contest is a design from scratch to attract creative ideas from sribu designers. Many thanks in advance.

Siapakah target market dari bisnis/usaha Anda? (Optional)

Target market is for middle to upper income customers that can afford tertiary products for lifestyle and fun. The logo has to be unique for ease of memory, attractive and symbolizes indonesian culture in a futuristic approach).

Jelaskan secara singkat mengenai profil perusahaan Anda

The website will also serve as a blogroll for the business. Some products that are in the making are, not limited to: variants of 'segways' for kids and LED light products for photographic equipments, LED emergency lights. Future products are in the pipeline, such as electric tricycles, etc. The products are of local design.

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