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Klien rendraja0791 mendapatkan 277 desain untuk dipilih

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Judul kontes

Logo Design For "vcwisata"

Tema dan informasi yang diinginkan pada desain

We want a re-juvinated and brand new logo design for our company while keeping certain elements in our existing one. We want to keep the heart - shaped iconic logo while allowing all designers to perform some twists.

Designers may creatively change their size, twist the shape a little bit, add some extra elements to it or even make it 3D but in the end, our clients still has to be able to identify the shape easily.

We want to stick with the green color for our logo but designers are free to explore any green colors they want from Light green, Dark green or even Cyan. We want to incorporate Dark Gray as well to the name of the logo (vcwisata) and all designers are free to choose their fonts, positionings and style for the name.

In summary, we want our logo to be seen as warm, sophisticated and luxurious (High end) in the same time.

Nama yang dicantumkan pada logo


Gaya logo yang diinginkan

  • Symbol Style
  • Abstract Style


Travel and Hotel

Penjelasan mengenai perusahaan dan target marketnya

We are an outbound travel agencies that has served our travellers for more than 15 years. Like any travel agency in general, our main products up until last year was large group tours to destinations all over the world. Last year, we began to shift our focus to smaller size groups, possibly families or couples for a honeymoon trip.

We currently offer an A-Z tailormade & personalization service for our clients that allows our clients to DESIGN their itinerary instead of picking a ready product from the shelf and increase our travel quality significantly. This also shifts our target audience from general market to a smaller niche market of those with higher budgets and who seek more freedom and luxury elements in their trip.

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