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Logo Design for "Gerilya"

Penjelasan mengenai perusahaan dan target marketnya

My company run in hospitality area, specifically in food and beverage industry. It runs with food truck platform to easily approach any audience deemed suitable on any particular time and place. We would like to penetrate the market with fusion foods, without forgetting Indonesian taste.

Our target market are the middle class young people, which would appreciate domestic product, art, history and taste innovations that we are trying to offer.


Food and Beverage

Tema dan informasi yang diinginkan pada desain

I would like these elements on the design:

1. Illustration (preferably vector illustration). Initially I would like a picture of "hero with a bamboo stick", but anything represent "National Hero" would be acceptable. As simple as it could.

2. "Gerilya" tag. Preferably at the bottom. But if you have idea how to put it somewhere else and pull it off, why not.

3. Colour. I would like these 3 colours (black, white and red). Any other colours are acceptable as long it is not undermine those 3 main colours.

Nama yang dicantumkan pada logo


Gaya logo yang diinginkan

  • Symbol Style
  • Illustration Style
  • Fun Style
  • Abstract Style

Warna yang diinginkan

  • #000000
  • #F70233

Informasi tambahan untuk desainer

There are already several business that run food truck in Jakarta. What we are trying to do is to distinguish our brand as domestic product. That is why we chose Indonesian word on our brand. Maybe a little research on Indonesian struggle during the war and research on other food trucks in Indonesia (such as Taco Truck or Loco Mama) would help.

For design purpose, the logo of Max Brenner (chocolate company) is quite close with what I am looking for. Please look it up.

Thank you

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