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Logo Design for "caridoit.com"

Penjelasan mengenai perusahaan dan target marketnya

Our context is a financial media that promote financial literacy specifically in Equity Market.

Our target market will be 18 years - 40 years old. Basically, its everyone website. I want people to be comfortable, relax and don’t feel intimidated by visiting our website and at the same time feel professional, ready to learn and share to one and another.



Tema dan informasi yang diinginkan pada desain

Our concept is elephant, the color that we prefer is red and brown, direction to read from left to right, we want the trunk (belalai to go up). The impression is casual and professional.

Red (Basic color)  Red Stanford (Cardinal color) RGB 140,21,21 ; 8c1515 (HEX)
Brown  Chipotle color (AA9168) ; Brown University color ; Beige (RGB 157, 149, 115) or 85% Beige (RGB 172, 166,141) ; Louis Vuitton dark brown color ; Seal Brown (Brown University)

 Trustworthy
 Friendly
 Stable
 Loyal
 Simplicity
 Quality
 Approachable
 Comfort
 Calm

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