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Logo Design for "Aptitude"

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Aptitude is a boutique gym that offers a unique, holistic and result-driven approach to healthy living. At Aptitude, you will find variety of traditional strength training with combination of innovative functional fitness routine (the training mostly involved with your own body weight, less machine), supplementation (e.g. multi vitamins) and nutritional framework which also can be tailored to each individual needs.

Aptitude gym is designed for members to experienced boutique-style intimacy where you can escape from hectic day-today routine, regain your fitness purpose and just focus on yourself. The interior would be different from commercial gym, it would be sophisticated industrial interior where there will be green wall on the entrance of the gym (refer to pictures).

Aptitude offers exceptional customer service, state-of-art facilities, and pioneered fitness technology. It is a more personalised customer service with superior training facilities such as, rock climbing, infra-red yoga and infra-red sauna.

Aptitude revamps fitness routine as way of life so members can discover and optimize their own potential (make health and fitness becoming a lifestyle). Each personal training session and classes will be lead by passionate industry experts in order for members to achieve the maximum desired results.

Aptitude offers exceptional customer service, state-of-art facilities and pioneered fitness technology.

The target audience would be 20-70 years old, South Jakartas people, Young executives who are health conscious or those who want to improve their health and well-being.


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I want the logo to have the sense of premium, luxury & prestige while still having the presence of fitness, health & wellbeing. For instance: EQUINOX gym in US (www.equinox.com)

For colors: Black, Silver and Gold bu it will give you freedom to make your imagination.

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All the mood board or the feelings of the gym looks like going to be mainly in the PDF file.

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