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Logo Desain Untuk "Kumparan"

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We are at the moment venturing for new possibility, charting unknown territory, redefining journalism
The digital world is at a cross road with social media becoming not only an instrument for collective exhibitionism but simultaneously the most effective information distribution and source of information.

We are at the moment venturing for new possibility, charting unknown territory, redefining journalism, and working hard to create a platform where mainstream and social media intertwine. It’s a platform where we want the audience to get involve in the journalism process, not a mere (passive) consumer. Even further, not just a journalistic platform but a social platform where the audience can create a social impact. Be it a serious or leisure one.

Join us from the very beginning. Design us a logo that capture that spirit. You’ll be a part of a history.



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1. Don't get stuck only with one single color, play with more color in one typography
2. Don't get stuck into the definition of mainstream media, it's not only about the news, but think of it as a platform to gather news from people outside Kumparan
3. Be more playful, fresh and youthful
4. Product: mobile app & mobile web

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