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Logo Desain Five Pillar Foundation

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Five Pillar Foundation is a community development organisation that aims to economically position individuals living in rural communities in Southeast Asia to protect their community, culture, and environment. Our organisation's name reflects our way of learning, thinking, and acting through the balance of economic, social, environmental, educational, and cultural concerns of the communities we work with.



Tema dan informasi yang diinginkan pada desain

We would like the text "Five-Pillar Foundation" to be in a brownish red colour.
We would like you to develop a graphic that represents an integrated approach to problem-solving: economic, social/communal, environmental, educational, and cultural. Attached is an image that we have created. You'll notice some circles with things such as money, tree, temple, etc. to reflect our concerns. We would like to have some sort of graphic that suggests this important integration of looking at the world in which we live. Please do not use clip art like we did. The graphic is merely to express a high-level concept.

Nama yang dicantumkan pada logo

Five Pillar Foundation

Gaya logo yang diinginkan

  • Symbol Style
  • Abstract Style

Warna yang diinginkan

  • #A8220A
  • #ED7009

Informasi tambahan untuk desainer

We are a nonprofit foundation, so the style of the logo must reflect that specific type of organisation. Please do NOT copy the example provided (circle concept). The graphic merely describes the diverse ideas that must be part of the actual logo. You can use up to five colours, including the red-brown and orange colours we are requesting that you use. Please use creative typography but ensure the readability.

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