Reasons Why Good Packaging Design is Absolutely Important

When we are walking down the supermarket aisle, what are the things that usually get your attention? Are they the eye-catching red cereal boxes with cute animal on top of it? Or candies with golden brown plastic wrappers? Or the vintage-looking and rusty jar of jams? Packaging Design is a thing that has become a major element in our buying decisions. The big question is, how does a packaging design really influence the decisions we make when we buy food and daily necessities products we normally use? Furthermore, how does packaging design play an important role in the marketing process of products and the success of a brand?

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In a recent study, it was found that 36% of consumers choose and finally purchase a product based on its packaging design. This figure has greater contribution in influencing buying decisions than that of normally prescribed traditional marketing strategies such as in-store advertising and magazine & newspaper advertising at 28% and 27%, respectively.

So, if the shapes, colors, and messages comprised in a packaging design are highly crucial in shaping a buyer’s decision, then how should we articulate them so our products would likely be chosen by our consumers?

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One of the most important things to be considered by designers while designing a package is to measure how would a consumer feel while physically holding the package.

For many consumers, something that does not feel right in their hands can make the difference between making a purchase and leaving something on the shelf.

In other words, how a product feels and looks will definitely affect the purchasing decision. Therefore, you will definitely want to have your packaging design to be in such a way so that your consumers will feel the confidence in holding your product in their hands and receive the notion that your product is reliable. Being able to do this will subtly convince them that purchasing your product is a smart thing to do.

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In addition to being a tool in delivering your product’s aesthetic, a product’s package can also serve the as a feretory of a product’s story that can also be a powerful tool. How powerful?

Well, 64% of consumers try a new product because of the packaging design.

That makes an on-point tactic for established brands that are competing to protect their market share. Companies have been using bottles and labels to represent their respective reputations, and nowadays, some brands have gone further by releasing personalized and/or limited edition packaging design.

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Coca-Cola and Snickers are among several brands that have adopted the strategy of using personalized product packaging.

By adopting this revolutionary strategy, Coca-Cola did not only successfully infiltrated social media with their viral hashtags #ShareACoke, but also skyrocketed their sales for the first time in more than a decade.

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From that case, we can learn that having a unique packaging design with personalized branding will certainly give consumers a certain pride of purchase and help maintain the products’ market superiority.

As for emerging brands, according the same study, 41% of consumers purchase a product again because of the packaging design. This number proves that a representative packaging design will not only drive a one-time sales burst, but will also act as a secret weapon to strengthen, maintain and deepen consumers’ brand loyalty.

From the points above, we can argue that one way to develop a brand is to interact with your target consumers and create an attractive packaging design. Therefore, it is highly crucial to know your buyers’ personas by doing research about what they want, their habits, and their lifestyle preferences.

When you have explored what they want and how to reach them, you can  cater your message in a way so that your product’s message can easily penetrate their emotions and interests.

Using the information from your specific target consumers can help your brand focus on your buyers’ likes, dislikes, and purchasing patterns. With that being said, you can engineer the experience they have with your brand by communicating directly to your buyers’ personas.

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It is crucial to take the time and effort to hire good designers and marketers who are able to grasp the essence of your brand and provide you with the clear direction of where to market your product to the right personas.

In addition to having skillful designers, hiring professional creative writers who have the proficiency in composing persuasive message in your brand and product packaging will help you boost your sales up as well!

To sum it up, on top of these things you have to consider while building your brand, taking the extra effort to have a unique and representative packaging design is crucial in making your brand stands out from your competitor.

Also, knowing the specific audience for your brand is also crucial, don’t take it merely as a guesswork. It takes a bit of work to pinpoint your exact type of users and what they really want. But trust me, it’s worth the time and effort!

If you could accurately figure all those things –your target market and your brand personas–out, you would be able to articulate your message and story you are trying to convey via your product’s packaging design and let it speak for itself!

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