Top 5 Packaging Designs on

Top 5 Packaging Designs on

Why packaging design is essential for branding.

We’re all visual creatures, and seeing images can be very stimulating. Packaging design do just that: It highlights the positive attributes of a brand by tapping into the your senses – we see, we touch, we hear, we smell, we taste.

Most importantly, we feel.


Considering 80% of our buying decisions are based on emotions (leaving logic to only 20%), a successful packaging design should have the power to deliver those inner desires – things beyond the functionalities of your product.

“It’s design, not strategy, that ignites passion in people,” said Marty Neumeier in hims book, The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design.

How does a good design help in brand building? Read on to find out and get inspired from the top 5 packaging designs on the Sribu community!

1. Representation of personality

Packaging NextEdu

Just as your values identify you as a person, packaging resembles your brand. Every brand has its own unique personality, and packaging design serves as a three-dimensional representation of your brand – it tells people who you are and what you do.

Designed to educate middle to high school students, Nextedu is an educational software that functions to help students become more engaged with their studies, as technology-based experience tend to incite the student’s interest to learn more. The team behind Nextedu, PT. Infiniti Reka Solutions (INFINITI), is a company that specializes in information technology and values interactivity, innovation, and multimedia learning.

What words instantly came to mind when you saw the simple black case?

Modern. Elegance. Superiority.

That’s exactly what INFINITI was aiming for. Contest winner dickydarmawan aptly captured this brand personality with her own touch of colorful accents. This package tells people that the INFINITI experience is user-friendly and highly sophisticated, that’s why it’s a successful design.

2. Drawing attention

Lilo Packaging

A creative packaging design draws positive attention and attracts not just your target audience, but the general public too.

Mrsanee, our designer of the month, certainly knows how to reach the popular market. The vivacious design is intended to attract children and young adults across Java. It’s bright, sharp, and fresh as an orange squeeze. As the client is looking to expand LILO across the surrounding regions in Indonesia, and because the design appeals to a wide audience, we consider mrsanee’s contribution as a success to this product.

As a business owner, you must first pinpoint your market segment, then conduct an extensive research on the specific color schemes, typefaces, icons and designs that appeals most to the taste and culture your intended audience.

Aside from your marketing efforts, packaging design can be the last and most powerful resort to incite interest to the buyer. Whether it leads to an impulsive purchase or not, an attractive packaging design is the surefire way to drive more sales in the long run.

3.  Association with consumers

Nucifera packaging designs
Nucifera packaging designs

How do you feel when you see a great picture of open coconut shells?

Just looking at high-quality photographs invoke powerful emotions. That’s because our brains register images true to the original objects as something authentic.

You can almost smell the tropical aroma coming through the front of this package.  This is where you begin to connect with the brand on a deeper level, one of the three signs of a strong brand. The ability to connect with your customers propels customers to grab the product on impulse.

4. Position in the market


Every information you provide on the package display influences how the general public perceives your brand – including the quality of your product and how your brand positions itself against your competitors.

And… Mrsanee has done it again. What makes this design so successful is the premium feel of the gold label. PT ASTAGUNA WISESA, the company behind Matoa Kaya Spread, aims to target middle-class women in Indonesia -particularly housewives and career women.

Deep hues of blue elicits feelings of trust and loyalty. Nutritional facts are written on the food label too – all the more reason why their target audience will choose this product over other Kaya spreads on store shelves.

5. Differentiation from competitors



Imagine your product sitting quietly in a crowd of store shelf. Your customer is simultaneously bombarded with similar products placed on either sides of a large grocery aisle. She is only given less than a second to glance at your product, much less take notice of it.

Can you think of a way to make her attention last longer than that?

Yes you can. The answer lies within your package.

You’re lucky if your product is one of the many she takes into comparison. The KREE-PIX brand product is low-carb, trendy, and crazy-spicy, and the goal of their packaging is to trigger curiosity of its chili flavors without letting consumers worry about their weight. Yovee has achieved the client’s goal – with the use of a die-cut design, customers are able to see the real chips inside the package.

There’s a direct sense of transparency established between the brand and the customer. For this reason, KREE-PIX instantly becomes the customer’s go-to snack.

At this point, you’ve earned their trust. More sales, and consumers develop a higher preference for your line of products and all other businesses labelled under your brand. And that’s the staying power of a strong package design.

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