Top 4 Reasons to Create Custom T-shirt Design for Marketing


Tshirt design is one of the oldest forms of design in the world. Businesses have been using clothing to advertise their products and services for decades. This is because it’s still one of the most effective methods of marketing. Despite all the technology we have, even the largest corporations understand the value of T-shirt design and marketing for businesses big and small.


1.    Walking Talking Advertisements


The biggest advantage of tshirt advertising is the fact it’s a walking talking advertisement at any event. Your garment is unique. It has your logo, slogan, and anything else you want to have on it.

Where it really stands out is in areas where you’d traditionally find a sea of suits. Brightly colored t-shirts will always catch the eye if they stand out from everything that’s around them.


2.    Starting a Conversation


Seeing an advertisement is the first step to advertising. It doesn’t encourage any engagement, though. Most adverts only receive a polite glance from bystanders, if they even get that.

T-shirt design increases the chances of real engagement. Let’s imagine your small business has a funny slogan across the front of a t-shirt. It’s easy for someone to approach you and start a conversation.

Once you begin a conversation, it’s easy to engage the person and talk to them about the business and what it has to offer. It’s about using tshirt branding to take advertising one step further.


3.    It’s Cheap


Any marketing stunt must have its Return on Investment (ROI) figure worked out. In other words, the cost of beginning and sustaining the campaign must be less than what you get back.

If we look at tshirt design, you’re always going to get a magnificent ROI. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to design and print a t-shirt.

Businesses that want to really keep costs down can design and print their t-shirts in-house. We would always recommend spending a little more on the design, though. You want to make sure your audience reacts positively to what you have on offer.


4.    Attracting Talent



Attracting the best new designers, marketers, and managers is a concern for any business, especially smaller ones. If you don’t have an established brand yet, tshirt design can help you to overcome this obstacle.

Firstly, it demonstrates that you’re professional. Secondly, it shows you’re successful, or at least aiming for success. A business investing in tshirt design and strong design from a graphic logo and design service certainly won’t be fading away anytime soon.




Ryan Gondokusumo
Ryan adalah CEO dan Founder dari 11 tahun pengalaman di management, product development, strategic dan digital marketing