(EN) How to Order Freelancer in Sribu?

There are 2 (two) ways to get high quality freelancers that will fit your expectation:


  1. Sribu Package
    Sribu Package is our favorite package that easily helps clients in their business. Through our recommendation, you can get Sribu Trusted Freelancers to work for you.
    Our Packages are designed as convenient and as affordable as possible for the most practical and strategic job completion.
    To begin using our packages, click here.
  2. Find Freelancers
    The “Find Freelancers” feature is an easy solution provided by Sribu where a list of trusted freelancers have been sorted based on their rating, review, quality and skills in very transparent details.
    Clients can view a freelancer’s profile and start communicating with several candidates to find the most qualified freelancer for your business.
    To find a freelancer, click here.


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