How to Embed Google News RSS Feed on Website In 2023

Embed Google News RSS Feed on Website

Every minute, every second something is happening across the world that makes headlines. 

People just want to get a sneak of the news, it doesn’t matter if it is related to politics, entertainment, sports, socioeconomic, etc. 

How to embed Google News RSS feed to your website? 

This will surely make your website more informative and engaging which eventually help you to build your online presence. 

Brands can hold users to their website by adding news to the site and sparking interest in their minds. 

By doing this, brands can create a never-ending impression on their users. To embed google news rss feed on your website, here are some of the easiest ways. 

You can gather and showcase RSS feeds for news on your website with a social media aggregator tool. 

Follow this blog till last to know more about the embedding process. 

What Do You Understand By Google News And RSS Feed?

For several queries and searches, Google has been our one-stop destination for a long time. 

In January 2006, it launched the official version of Google’s News application. 

It is a news aggregator service that represents the continuous flow of links from thousands of publishers to news, blogs, and articles. 

On the internet, RSS holds its significance despite having old technology over the internet. 

The RSS allows all the content to gather in one place by creating a dashboard. 

In compiling all the appropriate information in one place, RSS is helping people. 

While it is also helping brands to make their online presence more interesting and noteworthy. 

For their websites, brands are now actively using google news RSS feed to hold the users on their websites for a longer duration. 

Advantages Of Embedding Google News RSS Feed

In the long term, embed google news on website can help your business by having several advantages associated with it. 

In making the embedding decision, here are some of the advantages listed here. 

1. Improves Website Engagement

The major advantage of adding Google News to your website is that helps in improving user engagement of your website. 

Your brand is represented by your website in this digital era.

It is a must that your website should be more engaging and interesting so that users can remember it for a long time. The website should provoke thoughts in the mind of users. 

With the help of Google News, you can improve the look and feel of your website and make it engaging also. 

Having an amazing online presence this eventually helps. 

2. Develop an Informative Website 

For your website users to hold longer hours, the potential key is the information. 

People want to collect all the news and information in simpler ways without any hardship. 

You can enjoy the advantage of having your site as one of the sources for getting knowledge and information by implementing a google news RSS feed on the website. 

If you have news on your website, it will give you an edge over the competitors. 

This will surely bring more traffic to your website by making it more informative. 

3. Decreases Bounce Rate

The visitors must spend more time on your website to make an impression on the website. 

This helps in two main methods: It helps in igniting a spark in your brand firstly and secondly, it decreases the bounce rate. 

For a website and its online image, a decreased bounce rate is a positive. 

After building the reputation of the brand it helps in improving the search engine rankings of the website. 

4. Brings Liveliness To Website

The feeds provide the latest content automatically with an RSS news feed widget which consists of an auto-update feature. 

To keep your website updated you don’t need to refresh the feed that makes your website more lively. 

Steps To Embed Google News RSS Feed On Website

To gather google news RSS feeds, we are using Tagembed. 

Before showcasing it beautifully on the website, Tagembed allows them to customize and curate the collected content. 

Tagembed has some other features too apart from making the embedding process simple. Read below some simple steps:

Step 1- Aggregate Google News RSS Feeds With the Help of Tagembed

a). By using your Tagembed account login if you are a current user or sign up for a free account if you are a new user. 

b). To the Tagembed dashboard, you will be redirected if you are a current user. The free widget will be ready if you are a new user and you will be able to notice it on the pop-up. To continue, press the Open tab. 

c). For your source, you will notice more than 20 platforms. Press on “RSS” to make it your feed source. 

d). In the box, paste the copied Google News RSS feed URL. In the input bar, give “Desired Name” and press the “Create Feed” tab. On your screen, all the latest posts will be displayed in a few minutes. 

Step 2- Develop RSS Feed Embed Code

a). Now start the embedding process. Press the “Embed Widget” tab situated at the bottom-left of your screen. 

b). On your screen, a new pop-up will appear with several CMS platforms. Choose one that your website is built with. 

c). As per your requirement, adjust the width & height of the RSS feed widget. After making the required changes copy the generated embedding code on your clipboard. 

d). In the final step, paste the code on the background of your website. 


Now, you have all the steps to embed Google News RSS feed on any website easily. 

To enhance the overall performance and look of your website, adding a news feed can help in getting a brand reputation also. 

Upgrade your website with the latest news by simply following these easy steps. 

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