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Ir. Indra Priatna - Relation Manager

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"With this, we are really satisfied with the logo design that is made by the designers, especially to the winning designer Mr. Ruli. And also we would to thank Sribu.com who has become an excellent middlemen between us and the designers."


"There are so many of design options that provided by Sribu.com, until we got really confused to choose the winner. Sribu.com more quickly respond to their clients to get the design in accordance with their wishes, rather than use the services of the agency. Thank you Sribu.com"


"Using Sribu.com help us to expand our option to have wider selection of logo that align with PT. Bajau Escorindo paradigm and business culture. Thanks to all the graphic designers and their creativity gives us the best logo possible."


"The services that provided by Sribu.com really give convenience to their consumers to get what they want. Their services also enable their customers to communicate directly to the designers so as to accelerate the process."


"We are quite satisfied with the services that Sribu.com gave us. We didn't expect to received a lot of design from Sribu.com, and it made us quite difficult to choose the winner because all of the designs that we received was all very nice. We were given the ease by Sribu.com with the online communication so we can still do other activities. "


"During the making process of packaging design Riso, the services that provided by Sribu.com especially the designers and Sribu.com teams it's really are amazing. Thank you so much and success Sribu."


"The design who given by Sribu.com are very satisfying and suitable with the briefing that I already given to the designer Mellanicard (Sribu). We are very thankful for the cooperation and patience that has been given by the designer. Success for all of us."


"Sribu.com is a very creative websites, and we got unlimited revisions. Sribu.com gave us a very nice services and qualities."


"Sribu.com services is very easy for anyone who wants to make a logo without having to confused where to make it. Sribu.com is very reliable and very easy."


"From the beginning all the designs that have been submitted by Sribu's designers is very suitable with preliminary picture of the characteristics that we want it. The words that they used are very understandable and straightforward, and also the revisions suitable with our visions. Thank you Mr. Heri and Sribu.com"


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