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"A very satisfying results with an affordable price. Definitely a recommended service!"


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"A big thank you to Sribu.com who have helped me in conducting this contest and also helped me to find the best logo design."


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"Keep improving the service ! Sribu is my good partner, help me to deliver my vision into beautiful logo the I need to communicate with market. Thank you Sribu. Bhimo - AZCARYA.com"


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"How amazing to work with sribu.com. They facilitate us to find best talents to design our products and we can select the best one in a wide range of selections. Well recommended "


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"Very excited with the enthusiastic from the designers who joined our contest. Sribu.com pretty helpful in reflecting the ideas and philosophies that I've described. The features and how Sribu.com work are also really simple. Thank you Sribu.com, and success for all of us. Amen"


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"Sribu.com gives us a solution that is so practical and also affordable to meet the needs of us to get the best quality design. Thank you Sribu.com team!"


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"Sribu.com has been assisting us twice for creating creative design that is important for those who want to start new company or business."


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"With this, we are really satisfied with the logo design that is made by the designers, especially to the winning designer Mr. Ruli. And also we would to thank Sribu.com who has become an excellent middlemen between us and the designers."


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"There are so many of design options that provided by Sribu.com, until we got really confused to choose the winner. Sribu.com more quickly respond to their clients to get the design in accordance with their wishes, rather than use the services of the agency. Thank you Sribu.com"


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"Using Sribu.com help us to expand our option to have wider selection of logo that align with PT. Bajau Escorindo paradigm and business culture. Thanks to all the graphic designers and their creativity gives us the best logo possible."


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"The services that provided by Sribu.com really give convenience to their consumers to get what they want. Their services also enable their customers to communicate directly to the designers so as to accelerate the process."


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"We are quite satisfied with the services that Sribu.com gave us. We didn't expect to received a lot of design from Sribu.com, and it made us quite difficult to choose the winner because all of the designs that we received was all very nice. We were given the ease by Sribu.com with the online communication so we can still do other activities. "


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