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Ir. Indra Priatna - Relation Manager

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"Using Sribu as a design solution is always a smart decision. This was our second time holding a contest on Sribu, and so far we were highly satisfied with the design submissions that we received. We were able to check out tons of designs from various designers on the go, which works well with my busy schedule. Thanks again Sribu!"


"Ryan and his team have done a superb job! Sribu is a very helpful platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially startups, that have the necessity of coming up with various design needs such as logo, website, and promotional materials."


"At first, I was kind of reluctant to use Sribu to get the designs I needed. However, after receiving positive inputs from many designers and seeing far more design variations than I had expected, I prefer using Sribu than going to a design agency. Thanks a lot Sribu!"


"If you need a high quality logo in a short period of time, Sribu.com is the right and convenient solution. The designers' enthusiasm to participate in your contest is what I like from Sribu. Good job! Keep it up!"


"Thanks to Sribu that has been very friendly and helpful in helping me from the very first to the last step of making a contest. Sribu really is "a very ideal partner" for me. Cheers!"


"Sribu is truly an awesome solution! The service is wonderful, and furthermore, I received so many designs that I liked! For Sribu's team and designers, keep up the good work!"


"This is the second time I hold a contest on Sribu.com, and surely, there will be more to come! I am highly satisfied and happy with the result that I have received previously. Thanks Sribu!"


"Wow! Choosing the winner was quite challenging because the designs we received were equally beautiful!! The process was smooth, thanks to the very helpful customer service that guided me during the creative brief creation process. Yes...yes...yes...for Sribu!"


"Thanks for coming up with such an awesome website! This was actually our first time trying design crowdsourcing service in Indonesia. Axioo, as an international brand that is based in Indonesia, shares the pride of having high quality local designs that exceed our expectations. Prior to using Sribu, we had pitched our ideas to local and overseas advertising agencies, but none fulfilled our expectations the way Sribu did. Thanks again Sribu! "


"Kami sangat puas dengan pelayanan yang diberikan oleh Sribu, dan juga customer service dari Sribu.com sangat responsif dan juga sangat membantu kami."


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