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Ir. Indra Priatna - Relation Manager

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"Sribu gives us the best service and also fast. Big thanks to Sribu, Sribu's clients won't regret it to use Sribu's services. Sribu Awesome!!"


"Sribu.com is really awesome. At first I thought I would receive just an ordinary design, but it turns out all of the designs that I received was beyond my expectation. Less than 7 days, I received so many designs that I like. As a PR Practitioner I will definitely tell about my experience for using Sribu.com service in my articles and workshop about Sharing Economy."


"Creating a logo design in Sribu is very convenient and practical. I was given plenty of design choices of several designers. And also Sribu make it easier for me to choose the design that I really love. Their system is also very professional. Thank you Sribu :)"


"Thank you Sribu for helping me to get the best design for our little girl's fourth birthday. And Sribu also gave us extension time without charging us. Once again thank you very much Sribu!"


"Previously I've been using other online design services to design my business logo, because I was really attracted by their cheap price. However, the concept design that they offer are very limited and very unsatisfactory, and also the number of revisions that they offer are very restricted. But with Sribu.com, although the price of the package is slightly higher, but still very affordable and very reasonable. The results that I got was really satisfying. With an open contested concept, the design that they offered is very numerous and varied. So the client can get a lot of design options in line with their expectation. And I got really confused to select the winner. Sribu.com is really awesome!"


"Sribu.com have an extraordinary good service. And also Sribu give very quick results to their clients. I am very pleased to use Sribu's service, because I need the design as soon as possible. Within just 1 day I get the design from Sribu and can be downloaded directly after 3 days. Thank you sribu.com for organizing my contest."


"We were highly satisfied with the design submissions we received from Sribu. The designer that we selected as our winner was able to come up with a unique and memorable logo that contains a smiley element that reflects our motto: Happy Cooking!"


"It's the simplest way to get the design you'll love! I only had to submit a brief, wait, and voila...! We got the design that met our expectation. Definitely not going to be our last time holding a contest on Sribu. "


"With Sribu, I was able to fulfill my design needs in a fast and convenient way. Thanks Sribu!"


"Thanks to Sribu's team for being very helpful in guiding me from the very first step until I got the T-Shirt design that I really liked. I will definitely hold another contest on Sribu! Thanks!"


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