We are Teams

Meet the people who are redesigning the design process. See who are answering your calls, optimizing your experience, and constantly obsessed over your designs.

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Ryan GondokusumoCEO
Wenes d23d6302e1150c47314176ac0d538c7d588ff058d702aa77ff01e8c4a2314cf6
Wenes KusnadiCTO
Debby cf7268ef22be9b9bc09975f70bd6cf7d1e4a74d4e20655037368845f792cc892
DebbyHRD & Head Seller
Retno 55312ad97d539176959a2858c8ce69187b115959e893464552467644e07d966b
Alfian 2dca92c3a290e96945725138f6cbdee62893991b4a58608894b2da9eb2a611be
AlfianProduct Associate
Adnan fac70ae92b418303850ea0546edb586368eea5d85b10fb4806a365429c3e6691
AdnanUX Designer
Adhit 6dc504bff519deac599a94ae0faee1b2e42f61553cd2908977d6fcf7226a9d58
AdhitSEO Specialist
Rendy 18bf680eb94212e779a831ee7916fc90e27d18303555c60f097045815d942959
RendyJr. SEO Specialist
Iwan 50ff40d74462a377df90e0a7b7a50d336fa8d9fc844a4b2af451bec9df1aaf9a
Sari 40d8b5365bb22d2e37c0a226ad1957a3a5bc060e2af1a2d48cdda983271ab9a6
Juwita 9efd03ce5abcea803f29bb016df349cd21c5dd3715790bb34f727b790bbf3540
Indah 28fff334a51e9119d44916cf8d4ee2a55f9fbedb49873f01d92b1eb3e600574e
Antoni 7b9fdfd416ce5427c6488c9de23f78837001071001db019f462ca7575981f9ba
AntoniBack-End Developer
Imam 367154d2dd74af663ed5b1f543674a7079a189748462cfd727f9644b15683e75
ImamBack End Developer
Dioni 1ade610b120e698b601a86bb05ad837efe0ed14ddd06c6c926464fdce897a1b6
DioniBack End Developer
Dede 47917af1c71fc47a554e0663e7722e11f0187024e207ae04c7dfa28d63874d85
DedeBack-End Developer
Rangga 178eff713f4cdf3852376997dbfb82cfea19b47ce25012ab0211e74f9296567e
RanggaFront-End Developer
Nabila 6cb0881d7c4994a12f0ede8bf2271354230c7dc6751fbb297595afe2f6fb3c88
NabilaBusiness Consultant
Ricka 5942693c990349a29757d6e7e6198c9f0d63d08ffee4a3ec198c4ae6803e08eb
RickaBusiness Consultant
Olin f90b9ac3387fd8512721dc2904be809db4a3a070fe996eadd26659887558e3ef
CarolineHR & Seller Relation Intern

Our Investors

Investor 1 e2338e650169f4a91c501e51f537e7a5b7c41e2799b064f258ca0373d2afd0d3

Infoteria Corporation was founded in 1998 as the first software company in Japan dedicated to XML. Infoteria develops and markets software and services which connects various enteterprise computers and devices. The company's flagship software product is 'ASTERIA', which federates a variety of enterprise systems of different makes without any additional programming. and Handbook which is No.1 Mobile Content Management (MCM) system capable of central control of business contents such as meeting materials, sales catalogues and work manuals for office workers, sales workers and field workers.

Investor 2 27a53fc822e87aa187959e0ca05a3da0a54aa488f799467681fc4f497a141258
East Ventures

East Ventures is an early stage fund focusing on consumer web and mobile startups in Indonesia and Singapore. Apart from financial assistance, we also nurture the ecosystem through our Ventures Night events in Jakarta and Bandung and also through our 100-day accelerator program, East Ventures Alpha.

Investor 3 887b20a4e19482d64b5dc1f27f2c0f1f38c28f53b434ab37e1ddd13290280861

CrowdWorks is one of the biggest crowdsourcing services and growing rapidly in Japan. Registered developers/designers can apply to more than 70 kinds of projects/tasks, from development of iPhone(iOS) and Android Apps, to website and logo designs. CrowdWorks is used by over 25,000 companies, including Japanese ministries and publicly traded companies. They offer new work style to 130,000 users. CrowdWorks won IVS Launch Pad 2012 Spring. Trusted by Nikkei Business Publications Inc., CrowdWorks was selected as one of the influential 100 companies that will improve Japan in the next generation. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.