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Our client @chrisscurrah receive the perfect design for contest T-Shirt Design for "Surf Travel Company" with budget of IDR 4.000.000, chrisscurrah received:
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Client chrisscurrah received 5 designs in this contest

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Our customer chrisscurrah is looking for the following office uniform/clothing design

Contest title

T-Shirt Design for "Surf Travel Company"

Theme and details on the design


Travel and Hotel

Details of the company and its target audience

No details from contest holder

Additional information for designers

No additional information

Seperti apakah jenis/style dan ukuran dari kaos/baju yang Anda mau (Optional)

i will be looking for the very thin and soft 100% cotton tees, that feel really nice to wear and breath so well in the tropics, they may cost a little extra, but are so much softer to wear.
size will be M. L and XL.

Regarding the circular design I would like this exact logo I already have to be included on each design, please include this logo on the front left side of tee shirt over the heart.
About 8-10cm across in size, please See the logo that i attach to be included on the T-shirt.

Warna apa yang Anda inginkan di dalam kaos/baju (Optional)

good question, i am not sure.
Black, Blue, Grey the boat is actually Brown, the colour of Mahogany,
then in smaller parts some more bright colour like a red, or green, or yellow. im not so sure about colours, im interested to see what you come up with

Jelaskan kepada kami mengenai desain kaos/baju yang Anda inginkan

i am looking for a t-shirt design, actually 3 t-shirt designs. i will be hopping to buy 3 designs, so runners up too.

i run a surf charter company out of Padang, West Sumatra to the island chains to the west, the Mentawai islands mostly.

im trying to get a Pirate, skull and crossbones feel, but instead of the cross bones, use surfboards as the cross bones (i have included a photo of an example of the silhoetted surfboard.

the pirate skull i have given is not the best, this link below has much better options, i like the pirate looking skulls with the bandana or hat on and i think the crossbones(cross-surfboards) look better behind the skull, not under it. the boards need to show the fins at base of the board so people will understand what they are, and the fins should be at the bottom end of the skull, not the top end.

the boat pictured is our boat, the Mahogany, and is a pirate looking ship, ive given many different pictures so people can see a few angles and on one of the designs, i would like to have the bowsprit (the front pointy end) and possibly with the happy people all standing on it hands up (preferably pirate graphic silhouettes) coming around the belly of the teeshirt, like for example in your Sample T-Shirt Designs the Klik eat merchandise tee, this design comes around, i would prefer mine less tall, more long like the boat wrapping around. so the back of the boat would be visible from behind the teeshirt and the front/bow (bowsprit) visible from the front of the short.
the more detailed the boat the better.
and this would leave room to put a medium size skull and crossboards on the back of the teeshirt up the top, the top of the circle finishing just under where the tag of the teeshirt would be and also one smaller pirate skull and crossboards on the end of the right short sleeve, falling down the outside towards the trisep, not the bisep.
that would be one of the three designs

all three designs i am wanting to use the Sumatran Surfariis Logo Circle, id say over the heart, on the front left side, about the size of a medium hand.

a second design i would like to use the map photo i have attached, this is part of the mentawai islands and it doesnt need to be super detailed, but the more detailed the better.
there are some smaller islands, seperated by different boxes on the bottom left hand side, please do not include them, they can be left off, act as though they are not there.

but the smaller islands along the bottom and close to the big islands i would like included, no names or writing need to be included on the map, i would prefer no names at all.

and around the map there are 3 compass circles (there are 4, but we are deleting the 2 seperate boxes at bottom left, so that 4th circle is deleted)
if these three remaining circles could be instead the pirate skull and cross bones (cross surfboards)
and to really top it off, to somehow make a very subtle N E S W outside, or in, the skull and crossboards as North East South and West.
North is pointing up, west is pointing to the left

thats two

the third design im not sure, maybe a big skull and cross boards on the back and the wording above the skull and cross boards SUMATRA`S and the wording under the skull and cross boards
Always having the Sumatran Surfariis Logo Circle on the front left hand top side (over the heart)
and then something else on the right sleeve.

i really like the idea of the design coming around the waist like your Sample T-Shirt Designs the Klik eat merchandise tee, but im not sure if it will work on this third design, i look forward to seeing what your designers design.

Jelaskan secara singkat mengenai profile perusahaan Anda

we have been running for 18 years,(SINCE 1998) we have a loyal backing and have taken world champions, professionals, families and everything in between on our boats, we were heavily involved in aid work during the tsunami times and won many accolades and praise.
our clients/surfers are very loyal and love us.
we are known as pioneers, as explorers, and as hard core surfers.

i want to potray a Pirate, an Explorer, a real Surfers company, something that makes the person wearing the shirt proud, and it shows his or her friends that they have been to Sumatra with this respected company Sumatran Surfariis.

if you didnt know, the Mentawai islands are considered the best surf in the world.

Jenis file apa yang Anda mau minta dari desainer kami (Optional)

something i can show a printer in Indonesia.
something i can print.
whatever is most popular in printing shops in indonesia

Siapakah target market dari perusahaan Anda (Optional)

the target market will be our surfer guests, we will only sell to our clients who have been with us, and the price will not be much higher than the cost, this is more about promotion and keeping the client happy, than making priofit. the tees need to be cool, piratey, hard core surfers tees. not flouro trend setter junk.

Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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    The Logo.jpg
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  • Cf5ec1a7c0
  • Ea2bf9b0a3
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  • A8dde4fb02
    surfboard crossbones design.jpg
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    surfboard crossbones design.JPG

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