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Choose from our 21 design categories (eg: logo, website, brochure, etc). Select packages based on your budget, fill up the design brief and launch your contest.

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What Are the Benefits of Making Your Own Uniform, Shirt and T-shirt Design Service?

No need to bother making surveys to be able to know what kind of clothes are popular. It's easy, the answer is the shirt, whether it's a distro shirt, a 3D shirt, or a community shirt and team shirt. Simply put, t-shirts are clothes in all conditions and multifunctional, whether formal or non-formal. Moreover, t-shirts are easier to design as you wish.

Try to look around, more clothing stores that sell t-shirts or shirts, right? Whether it's online or offline, t-shirts remain the main one. Being bestsellers, shirts are now being sold in raw form, aka plain. Of course with different levels of quality.

For consumers, plain t-shirts can provide space for creation and expression. Unique ideas can be channeled and messages can be conveyed through ink marks on plain shirts. Aware of this potential, then t-shirt design services are emerging with a variety of prices offered.

Benefits of Making Your Own T-Shirt Design Services

Indeed, it will be easier if you submit all the tasks to a t-shirt design service provider. The problem is that the idea you want is not necessarily perfectly realized in the design results. If it's like that, making your own design is the best even though it's troublesome. But, there are many benefits to this!

Design according to the idea. Conception is the most complicated thing. It's harder to explain if it concerns the realm of design. The concept or idea is usually a picture of an invisible imagination, more likely only the owner of the ideas that can realize them. Except those who have professional experience. It does not matter if your design capability is below average, it can all be learned. By making your own design, ideas are more likely to be executed correctly. Even if you intend to hire t-shirt design service provider, always make sure if the design results match the initial idea.

Chose your own themes. This is a plus point if you make your own designs, everything is in your hand to chose, including themes. Sometimes things like this cannot be obtained from a design service provider. The problem is the same, namely the difficulty of transferring ideas or concepts. Especially if the design service providers do not have sufficient experience in the field of design. Not only themes, colors and fonts, the quality of the shirts can be adjusted as you wish. Imagine if you give everything to design service provider, there is no freedom for this. Also, there is a kind of unpleasant feeling when asking to change colors many times.

Part of promotion. T-shirts have long been considered the most effective promotional media. Compared to other media, t-shirts are more personal and more effective when conveying information. T-shirts can represent the image or the general view of ones that wear it. Look around. When someone wears a shirt with certain color, you probably think that the person is affiliated to a particular party or certain product. This is the meaning of the shirt as a media campaign. The same thing can be done when you want to promote a new product.

After all, if we already have a clear brief regarding the shirt design we want to make, we can always leave the execution of the shirt design work to a trusted service like Sribu. That way, our time will not be wasted too much and can be used for something else that is more important than making our own t-shirt design.

Interested in making t-shirt designs? Don't hurry, pay attention to the following things to choose t-shirt, clothes and uniform design services, that are believed to be able to pour whatever our desires into a cool and attractive t-shirt design.

How to Choose Uniform, Shirt and T-Shirt Design Services

So many t-shirt design services that are popping up give difficulties to consumers when they want to choose one. Not all of them have experience, not all of them are experts, and not all of them are professionals. Do not pick the wrong choice, make sure you chose the t-shirt design service provider that has some convincing criteria.

Check the reputation. This is the most important thing. You definitely don't want to chose a lousy shirt design service, so first check the reputation of the service provider. The easiest way, just open the official website. Usually there will be complete information about the design services, including the contact and address of the design team.

Check the portfolio. It is also important to check the portfolio. The more work done, the more reliable the designers. The quality of designs that have been made can also be seen here, including information about clients who have worked with them.

Support and service. Warranty, support and customer service should be taken into consideration when choosing a t-shirt design service provider. Not all designs can be made immediately, and sometimes need revisions. So you definetely need a warranty. You must also consider the support and services offered.

Make competition. An unusual way to find the best clothe and t-shirt design services is to make competition. There are many sites that can facilitate this initiative. Simply posting a concept you want, designers will compete to offer services.

Post on service website. If you don't want to spend more budget to make a competition, posting on the service website can be a solution. There are many types of website like this, such as Sribulancer. This way, the price can be negotiated, and the quality of the design offered is also very professional.

Find a freelancer. This initiative is almost the same as above, but more specific. Freelancers usually have personal sites for displaying portfolios. The work of independent designers can also be relied on, because they often join in the global community.

Theme of T-Shirt Design that is Liked by Indonesian People

Once you got a right shirt design service provider at a reasonable price, the next question is: what theme should you apply to the shirt? Again, this is a bit complicated, because it is closely related to ideas. But the following description can help you find the initial idea or basic concept first.

Writings. The theme of t-shirt design in the form of writing is actually still the prima donna in the country. The most desirable one is viral words or words that are considered strange. Although the words sometimes make people confused. The shape can also vary, there is one word, but there is also something like a story. To design something like this, there is no need to hire t-shirt design services. You only need plain writing and playing with colors, and you will be able to create an amazing work that makes you proud.

Character. Character theme is also a favorite among t-shirt lovers in Indonesia. Wearing t-shirt with character image could be one way to express something that you like. For example, manga or cartoon characters. But not only limited to that, some characters from the phenomenal game can also be used as theme. The design is no longer writing, but images. And this clearly requires a very reliable t-shirt design service provider, especially to process the images so that they have excellent quality.

Figures. Anyone must have a favorite figure in life, and t-shirts are the right medium for expressing his admiration for this figure. Pictures of musicians and presidents are two common examples of figures who often appear on t-shirts. For this one, the difficulty level can be adjusted. In that sense, if the image you want to apply is vector or black and white, it's still easy. But if you want to form a 3D model, hiring the best t-shirt design service provider is highly recommended.

Music. The t-shirt market share with the theme of music is the biggest. There is no need to be proficient in design art to create it. Generally, the design used is so simple. The shirt is black, and the picture is white. As simple as that! The shape can vary. You can just write the name of the top band, outline pictures of musicians, pictures of musical instruments, or others. It's just that, make sure you understand the target market segment if you want to have business in this category. Focus on just one genre, such as rock or reggae. The theme can be applied to various types of shirt models, such as cotton, which is often used in indie clothe production, polo shirts, raglan shirts, and many others.

Who Needs to Design T-Shirts, Shirts and Uniforms?

All must agree that clothes is one of the basic needs. It would be much better if the clothes chosen were in the form of t-shirts, obviously, because they were multifunctional. Furthermore, the function of t-shirts is experiencing a shift and become wider. T-shirts do not only represent individuals, but also groups.

Community. It has become common for shirts to be used to represent the image of a particular community. A sophisticated design can be a reflection of individuals who are members of the community. Because its function is so important, usually a variety of communities hire pro t-shirt design service providers.

Company. In addition to various communities, several companies with modern management often order clothes and t-shirt design services for various purposes. It could be for workers to look solid, or for gifts, new product promos, as well as for other purposes.

Agency. Any institution or agency often uses t-shirts so that they look solid. Whether it's a profit or non-profit agency, clothes or t-shirts with certain themes are usually the choice. The design that is applied generally contains certain jargon or messages.

School. Whether to make a uniform or something else, educational institutions often use t-shirt design services. Not only that, most schools sometimes ask for all-in services. In the sense of paying the design services plus the costs of production.

Couple or family. For various reasons, new couples usually express themselves through couple shirts. It could be a kind of declaration for others that they are taken. Of course, if you don't want a common couple shirt, a reliable shirt and t-shirt design service is absolutely necessary.

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