Design Produk 3D untuk TURBX CUTTER

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Contest title

Design Produk 3D untuk TURBX CUTTER

Details of the company and its target audience

Produk yang akan kami kembangkan ini untuk industri Minyak dan Gas bumi.

(The product that we would like to develop is for the Oil and Gas market. It will be for Oil Operators)



Theme and details on the design

Silahkan dibuatkan desain 3D dari gambar produk TURBX yang saya upload. Gambar produk TURBX dalam bentuk 2D silahkan di ubah dalam bentuk 3D. Contoh terlampir.

(My product is an explosive related downhole product. I am attaching a sample video and also a few brochures.)

Design's theme

I would like it to be a 3D and look realistic. Please see sample video:®-family-of-jet-cuttersAs for the information/ attachments:1. Product Model_1 : The sketch of the actual tool in 2D2. Product Model_2 : The picture of the bottom part of the tool (Jet Cutter)3. Product Model_3 : We would like the designs to be in this template together with the sample of cuts. Also can refer to Spectra Edge Brochure template.4. Product Model_4 : Samples of the products real life.Other attachments is for reference and ideas.Good Luck!

Preferred colors

    Open for suggestion. Designer is free to design with any colors.

File Attachment

Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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    Contoh desain 3D.pdf
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