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Understanding and Effect of Packaging Design Services on Sales

There are many ways to steal the attention of buyers, one of them is through product packaging design . Of course creativity is the main capital. Unique packaging, which is effective in attracting consumers from the first view, they are encouraged to buy products. Conversely, less attractive packaging makes consumers reluctant to approach. If you have this, the chances of a product being sold are getting smaller.

Understanding Product Packaging Design Services

Well, what exactly is meant by product packaging? Simply put, packaging is part of a product that functions to wrap and maintain product quality. Generally there are three types of packaging for a product namely primary packaging that directly becomes a place or product packaging, secondary packaging which becomes a protective container of products in primary packaging, and tertiary and quartered packaging used in the process of shipping and storing packaging products secondary.

In its development, primary packaging has a broader function, namely as an identity and differentiator of a product from other similar products as well as a medium for promotion. This packaging is immediately visible to consumers when a product is offered or displayed. For example, drink bottles, milk boxes, milk cans, chip packs, snack bags and other similar packages.

In its development, primary packaging has a broader function, namely as an identity and differentiator of a product with other similar products as well as a medium for promotion. This packaging is immediately seen by consumers when a product is offered or displayed. Examples are beverage bottles, milk boxes, milk cans, crisps packs, snack bags and other similar packages.

Because it has a big influence on sales, businesses do not need to hesitate to invest more in order to produce good product packaging. If you can't make it yourself, you can use packaging design services. You can exchange ideas, discuss, explore new ideas along with packaging designers who are accustomed to the world of design so that a product package that sells power is born.

Why Are Good Product Packaging Design Services is Important?

There is a saying that says, "Don't judge something from the package". But in reality, many people are reluctant to look at products that are mediocre, not neat, and look dull. In contrast, attractive, neat and clean packaging becomes a strong magnet for consumers. For this reason, product packaging design services should not be ignored. Spend time and discuss with your team when planning to make new packaging or remodel the existing product packaging. Consider the following reasons why good product packaging is very important.

1. Protect Product Quality

If you have a product that is easily damaged, it is necessary to think about making packaging from rigid and strong materials. The goal is none other than to protect the product in it so that when consumers bring the product home, they will not be disappointed with the condition of the damaged product.

packaging design services


2. Building Consumer Trust

If the packaging is able to protect the product optimally and the product reaches the consumer in good condition, then consumer confidence will grow. No doubt, on the next occasion they will again choose your product. Conversely, packaging that is not able to protect the product properly, makes consumers decide to look for similar products that are better in packaging quality.

3. Gives Add Value and Increases Competitiveness

Once the importance of product packaging, to the extent that the Ministry of Industry once made a special program for SMEs (Small and Medium Industries) in the form of packaging design and brand assistance. The goal is no longer so that competitiveness is more competitive in the domestic and global markets. An attractive packaging design can provide added value and differentiate a product among similar products that are its competitors.

design maskot pringles


4. Become a Product Attractive

What will happen if the same product is packaged in a different way? Certainly attractive Packaging Design Services will steal the attention of consumers. Even consumers are willing to buy just to get a unique packaging you know. Not a few consumers also store product Packaging Design Services because the product packaging design captivates the heart. This is the function of packaging design services, which is the attraction of a product.

5 Product Packaging Design Services Tips to Blow Up Product Sales

Along with the times, product Packaging Design Services has experienced tremendous changes. Technology has a big role in this change. Business actors are increasingly facilitated to make Packaging Design Services according to their wishes. Coupled with the presence of design softaware and those who have creativity in the design field, business competition has become increasingly strict. Those who do not do packaging innovation, slowly but surely will be abandoned and forgotten by consumers.

SMEs cannot remain silent either. Packaging Design Services innovation cannot only be done by large-scale businesses. SMEs must innovate packaging to survive and compete. It is not easy to make packaging that can boost sales. It takes creativity, hard work and not a little time. Here are 5 packaging design tips to blow up SME product sales.

1. Determining the Target Market

Before starting to think about packaging design, first determine the target market for your product. What is the target market for your products for children? Teenagers? Or are parents? Because the Packaging Design Services model and design for the children's target market is certainly very different from the packaging model and design for parents. Do not let later the packaging design is not in accordance with the target market. As a result, of course there is not much effect on product sales.

2. Recognizing Consumer Behavior

Generally, mothers are very happy to get a product package that can be reused. For example, product packaging that can be reused as a spice container or small food container. If you have a product with a mother's target market, then this behavior can give birth to ideas for making packaging. Then what about the consumer behavior of children and adolescents? You can find out by conducting a survey. From this behavior, ideas for making attractive Packaging Design Services can be born.

3. Attractive from the First View

High creativity is needed to make packaging that can attract consumers' attention from the first sight. And this is not easy at all. You can experiment from the unusual form of Packaging Design Services for similar products, bright colors or combinations of colors, beautiful and clear fonts, and attractive images.

4. Add Characteristics

Characteristics of the Packaging Design Services will make consumers easily remember and recognize your product. There are many ways you can do to present this characteristic. If you can't present differences from the form of Packaging Design Services, try playing with color, text or color combinations, text and images. Even the usual form of packaging can stand out with attractive product packaging design services.

5. Simple

Looking attractive and prominent doesn't mean you have to make complicated Packaging Design Services and designs. Simple ideas can be a solution to differentiate between similar products. For example, the form of packaging that is commonly used is combined with a combination of words that attract attention.

Complementing an attractive Packaging Design Services, make sure you name the product correctly. The product name should be in accordance with the product sold, not too long, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. Also make sure you include clear and correct information about the product. For example, the ingredients used, nutritional value, benefits and so forth. Correct information will foster consumer confidence so they will use your product again and even recommend it to others.

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