Our Partners

List of Sribu’s Partners

Veritrans 22bac9480145f7dd25d2ce0265e1174fdbae9ddc173ae12540eadeabdff0912b

Veritrans is the secure online payments solution for merchants in Indonesia that is trusted by consumers. We process payments 24/7, whatever is being sold and however the customer wants to pay. Our company is backed by leading eCommerce and technology companies. Read More
Prinzio f231745c121ff2e1cf29377cf45ca5efe62d48bfd498e637f06f9963785f0e01

Your business is unique. Your printing should be, too. Here at Prinzio, we make it our business to make your business stand out. We work together with a network of renowned printing companies in Indonesia that are equally passionate about printing as we are. Read More
Chleaconsulting 8950d6ac5a0a65d246251d2087d2fe3c2b0703b6f7926e74e77a2fb4bb2ae49a
Chlea Consulting

Chléa Consulting is a copywriting and creative consulting firm that’s all about telling your unique story. Writing may not be your thing, but it is definitely our thing. It's what we do, all day, all night (except when we go to sleep). You have the idea and we have the know-­‐how. You give us nouns and verbs, and we give you polish and sparkle. We clean up your grammar, redirect your flow, inject a little humor (as needed), and fine-­‐tune your overall writing—so you can concentrate on your thing. What you see as headache, we eat up like cookies. Let us deal with this quagmire while you relax and have your tea (or beer). Let us help you shine! Email us at [email protected] to tell us your unique story. Read More
Buatkontrak f6f7d6d4fb75aac4383db1aa82f26164dc2a3b69275497278604fe50bd51275d

PT Teras Perjanjian Digital (TPD) is a technology-based service provider in contract drafting and review, agreement letter and MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). Our online platform, buatkontrak.com, is created specifically to provide the best service in contract/agreement drafting and review to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Read More
Xwork ab06add8de5d4e335ef001457d159efe1e3f66b264be598fee42bfb155c9656a

We are online platform for renting meeting spaces, event spaces and office spaces. We have more than 1,200 rooms around Indonesia that is available for direct booking for customers, from hourly up to monthly rent. Read More
Wu hub 5f81d146105b545e6a833d54ad65372f13d0088e231d19891bf9cf1c9362bc10
WU Hub

The WU Hub Co-working Space is a shared work space, the right solution for freelancers, digital nomads and startup companies. Comfortable work space accompanied by a rooftop to develop creativity. Located in Kuningan, which is one of the district business centers in Jakarta. Not only does it provide work space, we also provide access to mentors, investors and expand business networks that have the potential to become your colleagues or clients. Read More