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List of Sribu’s Partners

Jejualan 4830ed2169e033c5f713a6a5167339ed8bfad6503ff6655cce4cbe96ec17af22

Jejualan is a website which provides online shop platform instantly with affordable price, interesting design, and complete features. It takes only 20 seconds to create your online shop through Jejualan. Read More
Chleaconsulting 8950d6ac5a0a65d246251d2087d2fe3c2b0703b6f7926e74e77a2fb4bb2ae49a
Chlea Consulting

Chléa Consulting is a copywriting and creative consulting firm that’s all about telling your unique story. Writing may not be your thing, but it is definitely our thing. It's what we do, all day, all night (except when we go to sleep). You have the idea and we have the know-­‐how. You give us nouns and verbs, and we give you polish and sparkle. We clean up your grammar, redirect your flow, inject a little humor (as needed), and fine-­‐tune your overall writing—so you can concentrate on your thing. What you see as headache, we eat up like cookies. Let us deal with this quagmire while you relax and have your tea (or beer). Let us help you shine! Email us at [email protected] to tell us your unique story. Read More
Nulisbuku bdff44f71fdcaaa96c212a6ec00c5d68b9d2f6b2a668f14966eea2c003b88a8e

Nulisbuku.com is the first online self-publishing company online in Indonesia. Read More
Icoach 8baee8b9a4dcf7f54ac8264897757e54e8576fb7a4f1380679cf7cf15ef74ac3

I-Coach cares for individual transformation.Development for healthy, wealthy, happy Life and profitable business. Specialized In rapid transformation & change that helps clients see the desired results and benefits in a short period of time. I-coach guarantees success for Individuals & organizations. Read More
Fmds a39a134dbd56d81974bed45a8b47d3209b3f5b9b648a647b22ed96e138a2d70f

As a design-centric school, FMDS focuses on inculcating a spirit of designpreneurship excellence amongst students. Through cultivating a learning, sharing and teaching culture, it strives to build its reputation as an industry-centric institution that produces elite groups of designpreneurs. Read More
Rycode f41e51e2186ca48bed435ebc4c53df1b0819a345f0726aa69c3c7ffdb446e752

Rycode is a technology consultant for over many years experience in web, clouds and mobile. Rycode is based in Jakarta while has served many clients from all over the world. Read More
Pricearea eda27463f632d29c5e380ea6bc95fb5e7d5ce261834e979d02d21697bba8b226

PriceArea.com is a limited liability company under the name of PT. PRICEAREA ANDALAN PRESTASI. Developed in November 2009 and launched to public on mid July 2010 as the first and the largest shopping search engine in Indonesia. Read More
Veritrans 22bac9480145f7dd25d2ce0265e1174fdbae9ddc173ae12540eadeabdff0912b

Veritrans is the secure online payments solution for merchants in Indonesia that is trusted by consumers. We process payments 24/7, whatever is being sold and however the customer wants to pay. Our company is backed by leading eCommerce and technology companies. Read More
Triasconsultant d144cc7646431080e28e7c1e0c7bc0178d0eb199c4f3bad9468baa0424bd40a2
Trias Consultant

Trias Consulting is a highly established integrated business solutions company that provides consultancy services to companies ranging from small medium enterprises to multi nationals.. We provide services on legal, financing, accounting, SOP etc. (Please refer to our services page for more information) . Trias aims to help companies remove the complications and barriers to doing business in Indonesia so that they can focus on the bigger things at hand, that is, doing great business. Our professionals are experienced in Indonesia's top industries such as agro, energy, shipping, banking, tourism, food&beverage, manufacturing, construction and media. Feel free to call us or drop us an email. We will reply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Read More
Supernet 99a969364b9ccbb5227b04fe7cbafa5e78541a7b2b4bdcdbb79b269a87086c25

Supernet offers cost-effective and SUPER high-speed internet solutions. Supernet is the gateway to unique and customized IP Transit and Telecommunications infrastructure service in Indonesia. Read More
Tees 8a1cc914c1b42326b2983e03d6ba077b2e2be13892125db36a9578a8d35e19a2

Tees.co.id is a Tees on Demand website where you can find various affordable unique designed T-shirt. We will print the T-shirt based on your request, without any minimum order! Read More
Switchmotion 3976b714bf24afa11e9b0f8dded46023b5c5ca2a1d29ab773c421cca43d9e6f3
Switch Motion

Switch Motion is a creative studio and production company based in Jakarta. Our team is made up of directors, designers, animators and 3D artists. Read More
Tukusolution 8e7e0f44399cdb1af8ef1e72e6f7317a2a848ae677b2f62151e8b51974b192e7
Tuku Solution

TukuSolution is a team consist of developers, designers and project managers focusing on helping personal and companies to have their online identity. Our expertise are on building e-COMMERCE site and helping small businesses grow by marketing their products online, giving the right solutions and concepts of e-commerce. Read More
Conversion e5cc9fc8de92ad4389caf8cc3ba4e9292f3266bcbff4063c1ca64cbfc270e2d0

Theconversion.com is a digital agency based in Indonesia. We provides acute concept and execution using the best technology to optimize your ads and website performance with the objective to increase your company's sales and brand awareness over the internet. Read More