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5 Tips for Designing Attractive and Responsive Mobile App Design Services

Designing attractive and responsive android and iOS applications is not an easy tasks, especially if you have never do this before.

Basically, without paying attention to the important factors in making an application design, your project might not be able to compete with millions other applications out there. But of course, this kind of thing is much easier said than doing, right?

Then, what is needed to be able to produce an attractive and responsive mobile application design? How can you guarantee that the application you launch will be successful and liked by the user?

Good Mobile App Design Services Characteristics

What is the big difference between good and ordinary applications? What makes an application launched become extraordinarily cool and interesting? To be able to make a good application, at least you should pay attention to some of the important elements below:

1. Responsive

The main requirements of a good application is must be responsive. Where there are no problems whatsoever in the display of the application. Whether it's a problem with modifying media, CSS or JavaScript queries, both on Android and iOS devices, everything must be handled properly before the application are launching.

If an application page requires more time to load, users may become frustrated and leave it. That is why speed must be a priority in making good mobile application designs. The more responsive your application are, the user experience more better.

2. Simple display

A simple application design does not mean the design must be minimalist. You can still put a lot of features, but you must still prioritize simple application interface designs for Android or iOs.

The simplicity of design in this mobile application aims to make it easier for users to operate the application system, especially for common users.

3. Navigation

A good application should have a navigation system that’s simple and responsive. If users cannot find what they are looking for easily, they will also not get a good application experience. In this case, intuitive application users must take precedence.

Instead of making it difficult for users with a confusing navigation system, it's better to use standard navigation patterns, such as tab bars (for iOS applications) and navigation drawers (for Android). Most users are familiar with both the navigation patterns and intuitively know how to use your application with maximal.

4. Typography

In addition to color, size, and design, fonts are also important elements that need to be examined from an application. The large font will certainly not be suitable for cellphone screens that have limited space.

However, if the text in the application is difficult to read or the font is too small, the application will also not function properly.

You must use the font with the appropriate color and size. Of course, it will still depend on the placement of the text. At least, the font used must be balanced with other elements on the screen, especially on mobile applications where space is very limited. Maximize existing space without making it difficult for users to read text on your application.

You can also provide options that allow users to set their own fonts on the application. But whether or not you include the font settings on your application's design, making it easy to read is the most important thing to do.

5. Color scheme

Choosing colors to complete the application design is certainly a very pleasant thing, right? This is also an important element that determines whether or not the application that you make is interesting. However, the color you choose also determines good or bad application for users.

Nowadays, mobile application developers often use color palettes that seem modern but still simple. The colors that are too striking are increasingly being abandoned because they are considered outdated.

Basically, there are so many color palette ideas that can be used to enhance your application's design. You can choose colors with high contrast, pastel colors, color gradations, or just neutral colors like black and white. Of course, this color choice will depend on the type and function of your application.

However, great application design is the result of a combination of attractive visual appearance and the functionality of the application itself. That's what you should prioritize when creating an application.

But isn't there a perfect result for every first try? Therefore, treat your application as a project that continues to evolve and use data from each testing session and user feedback to make it even better.

Examples of Design Inspiration for Android and iOS Applications

With thousands of applications created every day, there is always something new in the world of application development. Being different and unique is one good idea to make your application design attractive to the eyes of mobile users. This is also an easy way for customers to recognize the characteristics of each of your designs.

You certainly agree that inspiration is a very important part of creating unique and different ideas. There are some applications with attractive and responsive designs that you can make as inspiration! Remember, finding inspiration is not to steal intellectual property from the other application design.

1. Space

Space has illustrations that display many buttons, photos, and responsive animation options. The blue color displayed also allows users to feel comfortable using it at any time, day or night. In addition, Space also provides features that are useful for users with functional interface designs, such as daily services, Mood calendars, Brief Diary, and others.

2. YouTube

YouTube has done a amazing work so that the application design can still be easily accessed through smartphones. To support the performance of the application, YouTube also regularly updates every two weeks. In each update, YouTube also always adapts the design to the changes they make, both for the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Pinterest

One the application with an inspiring design is Pinterest. Starting from the registration process to displaying photos in full scale, Pinterest presents a fairly detailed interface design, including to store images and content with very easy navigation.

4. Trello

Trello is an example of a mobile application with a very good UX design because it doesn't have too many unnecessary functions. Everything on the application's home screen is also easy to understand and function properly, without confusing users with the navigation available. Trello's interface design is also very intuitive so users who using Trello for the first time can easily browse each page of the application.

5. Duolingo

Anyone who uses Duolingo certainly agrees with the simplicity of this application. By completing a mission or game, you can enter into a higher category. It is also a good idea to combine the experience of using the mobile game application and interesting new language learning.

6. YouTube Go

This application also allows users to choose the size of the video file they want to watch. In addition to watching, users can also save their chosen videos offline to watch later. Another feature that is not less interesting is the feature that allows users to share videos easily, without using any data.

Why Should We Improve the Design of Mobile Applications

So, now your unique and different ideas have been formulated in the form of applications, the design of your application is also interesting and responsive, the color scheme in your application has been coordinated perfectly, as well as the text displayed using the right size font, what's next?

If you want your application to be the best, you must continue to get input from users and make improvements to the design of your application. Remember that good applications are not only tested before they are launched, but they are also left alone.

Applications that are not well designed will not work. You may still be able to launch it without significant obstacles, but eventually, users will feel frustrated with the performance of your application and stop using it.

The review process that you do will help you to know what parts of your application need to be improved. Use social media to connect with your application users and ask for feedback from them.

Contact people who have collaborated with you in the technology industry or join an online community to ask for advice. Also, you can use beta testing to get detailed responses about the performance of your application. Analyze data from all the review processes that you have done and make the necessary changes.

Making the design of Android and iOS applications is not easy. Let your creativity shine, but don't let it damage the main function of the application that you designed. Stick to the basic things in creating a good, interesting, and responsive application design.

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