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14 Reasons Your Business Should Have an Android App

If you think android apps are only for big companies, you are wrong. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are aware of the mobile trend, which is the most effective online marketing strategy apart from social media. No need to be surprised if android application development services are in high demand now.

Considering that 80% of mobile phone play time is spent opening applications, the application has risen to become a major requirement. This condition is supported by the prediction that there will be 20 billion mobile phones in circulation in 2020. One condition that forces anyone to hurry to have an application.

  • Future marketing trends

  • Currently, there are more than 1 billion smart phones in circulation, and 50% are already connected to the internet. This means there is a huge opportunity in the realm of mobile apps. This can be a great opportunity considering that the main goal of a business is to increase the flow of sales and make a profit.

    In the hands of the right mobile application development services, applications can help to flow sales as well as business growth. Soon, apps will be the future marketing trend in any business. After previously starting from the website and social media.

    An easy example, when Domino's pizza released its delivery application, the sales rate rose to 28% in one semester. The reason is easy, you definitely prefer to send messages through the application rather than having to call first without knowing when to pick up.

  • Act like a social platform

  • Online business has become a social item as its use involves a lot of social media. Not to mention the fact that most of them are already familiar with social media. For the same conditions, the application can change roles like corporate social media.

    It is much better if the application adds several features that are directly connected to the user's social media. This can definitely boost business as brands can be mentioned in users' tweets from within the live app.

  • Building image

  • Although the price of making android applications is affordable, they have a big contribution to business. An application is like an empty billboard. You can change it to be more stylish, elegant, and functional. But of course, there must be features that consumers like.

    The more consumers open the application, the more likely they are to buy the product or service you offer. The popular term is effective frequency. The condition, consumers at least see or hear your product up to 20 times.

  • Increase sales

  • Mobile applications can increase sales in several ways. First, because many people carry cellphones, the application can be opened in any location. Conveniences like this can make consumers more comfortable so they don't hesitate to buy.

    Secondly, companies can profit from advertisements in applications. As you know, the application is now like a money field after the website. Even so, don't let the ad portion take up a lot of space. You can discuss this with the mobile application development service you choose.

  • Expand market

  • While many businesses are already using apps, your business is a segment where competitors don't have one yet. Don't fall into this situation, and it can be an advantage if you come to an android application development service as soon as possible.

    Without an application, you may miss a market segment that should be easily accessible. The best way to find out if a segment is missing is to look at the percentage of website visitors who access it via mobile devices.

    Currently, almost 90% of companies invest in mobile applications. If you don't participate immediately, you have a chance to be left behind by competitors. An app may not be able to save your business, but it is still the only way you can secure your business.

  • Reduce marketing costs

  • The hidden advantage of the application is that it is low in marketing costs, especially when compared to conventional marketing. For example, sending messages containing product offers to consumers who already have an application is still cheaper and much easier.
    Applications make it easier for consumers to search for product information without having to call. What consumers need, everything is in the application, and this can reduce service costs. Although it seems complicated, but there are many cheap android application creation services that have this ability.

  • Make closer

  • You will easily connect with consumers through the application. For example, through customer service, then giving tips, new product info, promotions, or surveys. This closeness can later increase consumer loyalty because they feel cared for properly.

    The application is a platform that allows you to connect directly to consumers without any intermediaries. Automatically, the marketing activities that you do can continue to run 24 hours without any interruption of time or distance.

  • Speed

  • However, mobile applications are still faster to open than web pages. Not to mention the fact that web pages need a connection to be accessed. While applications can still run without internet, and generally this feature depends on the price of making android applications.

    In this increasingly digital era, fast response is a basic need that consumers want. In fact, there is some kind of competition between companies regarding the speed of customer service. The prize is no joke, which is in the form of massive additional consumers.

    For example, data from Techcrunch states that 34% of Black Friday sales were actually completed through the application. This number is up 16% from the previous year. One thing, the application can provide access speed rather than having to stand in line and then jostling.

  • Bind consumers

  • No matter what you sell, flowers or books for example, consumers need a way to quickly connect with you. Applications are an easy solution that can overcome situations like this. The effect can be even greater if communication features are added in the application.

    Messaging features or customer service can make a big difference in how you communicate with customers. For example, OpenTable, an application for ordering a restaurant table with just a few clicks. If you have an application like this, how consumers can be more engaged.

  • Create new market

  • In today's increasingly competitive business world, you cannot reach your target market at the same time and place. But the application can remove obstacles like this, there is no longer a time and place limit when you want to explore a new market.

    Because of its capabilities, the application has a role to further expand the connection. Target areas that were previously difficult to reach, can now be easily reached through the application. That means there is a new market, new connections, which means there is new income.

  • Expand connection

  • Mobile applications have many benefits, ranging from providing information, prices, message forms, features for ordering, user accounts and more. One definite advantage of the application is that it can convey any information directly to the user's hands.

    Not to mention promotions, price discounts, as well as other things related to the products or services offered. Through this direct message, you can be closer to consumers. Automatically consumers can more easily remember the products and services you offer.

  • Increase profit

  • If the level of consumer satisfaction increases, the sales graph will automatically increase as well. Furthermore, 70% of judgments about product purchases are influenced by how well consumers feel they have been treated. That's how the statistical review published on SalesForce reads.

    This is an important function of the application, namely shortening the distance between consumers and companies. That way, the treatment received by consumers is more 'human'. Consumers don't have to waste money on calls and wait a long time before being picked up.

  • Creating a loyal attitude

  • There's no better way to stay close to consumers than to tuck a company logo in consumers' pockets. Unlike web pages, mobile applications will always be on the 'home screen' and are more often seen when opening the phone.

    Indirectly, consumers will interact with your business more often through applications displayed on the main menu. This at the same time can be a measure of how much customer loyalty to your company through a downloaded application.

  • Increase bussiness

  • Currently, the fastest business growth is in the virtual realm. Especially those who can maximize the role of the mobile version of the website and mobile application. No matter what type of business you are in, maximizing both is a must.

    How is this possible? It's easy, create your own app. In the same way, you can make your business number one in cyberspace. After all, the price for making android applications is still within reach, aka cheap!

    You can easily advertise products or services that are your mainstay without having to bother. Of course, a situation like this can give you comfort when running a business. One important thing, the application can avoid potential conflicts between consumers and businesses.

All the descriptions above refer to one conclusion, it is obligatory to have an android application. Marketing trends are starting to shift, and applications are the future marketing strategy. Again, price is no big deal. As long as you are careful, you can find a cheap android application development service with luxurious quality!