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What Is Mascot Design Services and Its Role in Promotional Media

When you see the picture of Colonel Sanders, what do you immediately remember? Colonel Sanders's mascot illustrates the face of a man wearing glasses, smiling widely, white-haired, bearded, and wearing an apron. And what you instantly picture must be a crispy fried chicken, right? This is one example of the power of mascot character design.

Colonel Sanders's mascot was created several years after the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Colonel Harland David Sanders passed away. This mascot became one of the most popular mascots in the world.

Actually, what is a mascot and what is exactly its role in product promotion?

What Is Mascot Design Services?

The first is to learn ‘what is mascot’ before understanding its role. Mascot is a character that can be created in the form of people, animals, plants, fruits or other objects. Mascot is made to brighten up events, representing a group, community, institution, brand or product. Some examples are the Asian Games mascot, world cup mascot, city mascot, school mascot, etc.

A mascot is usually given a nickname that fits with the character created. With nickname, people will be easy to remember and mention the mascot that represents a group, institution, event, brand or product. Mascot character design services usually hold certain values depend on the purpose of its creation. Therefore, every mascot has a different meaning.

7 Mascot Roles in Promotional Media

After learning what mascot is, then what is exactly its role in business? In the business field related to promotional activities, there are at least 7 mascot roles that you need to know.

An affordable and experienced logo design services will also help your business branding exercise. A logo has a character that can increase the credibility, value and purpose of your product. Professional logo design services will certainly understand how to transform your business character into a logo.

1. Make the brand or product easy to remember

Mascots created for products or brands have become so popular and they are known better than the companies that own them. This shows that mascot has a role in helping customers to remember a product.

The advantage is if customers forgot the company name or even the product’s name, just by mentioning or describing the mascot characters, customers will be able to find or remember the product they are looking for.

2. Helps promotion through merchandise

Have you ever seen a mascot being distributed in the form of key chains or small dolls? Creating a mascot for your brand or product allows you to use it as a promotion.

Mascot can not only be displayed in a product packaging or logo, but it can also be presented in a merchandise that are distributed to customers such as key chains and small dolls. Mascot that made into a form of merchandise will become a promotional media when customers use it in their daily lives.

3. Encourage customers to buy products

There are various characters of customers. One of them is those who are easily influenced by a merchandise. There are a lot of customers with this character. They will rush to buy a product only to get a gift as a merchandise.

You can also attract this type of customer by using mascot as a merchandise. For example, customer will get a lovely mascot as a merchandise for a certain quantity of product’s purchase. Interesting promotional ideas, right?

4. Helps to create creative promotion

If you already have a mascot, there are some new opportunities to promote your brand or product. Other than creating mascot merchandise, mascot can also be presented in a simple comic book. In fact, there is a mascot presented in a TV series in order to promote its brand around the world.

An example would be the Paddle Pop Lion, a mascot of Paddle Pop ice cream. This mascot is not only appeared on the ice cream packs, but also appeared in a TV series for promotional purposes. The series was aired in more than 33 countries and even adapted to the big screen.

There is also a mascot created into clothes to be worn on certain occasions, such as when launching some new products, opening new branches, festivals, car free days and other events. The existence of a mascot will certainly be an attraction and become one of the strategy of creative branding.

These examples proved that mascot helps you to do creative promotion. Creative promotion will absolutely attract the attention of customers and support business branding so it will be easy to remember by the customers.

5. Attract the customers’ attention

Attracting customers’ attention in the midst of increasingly tough competition is, indeed, not easy at all. As a business person, you have to work hard to generate creative ideas.

Mascot is one of the creative ways to attract customers’ attention and it became a differentiator between brands or similar products. Therefore, in order to attract the customers’ attention, mascot design needs to be well-observed. Mascot design has to be eye-catching in terms of shape and colour.

Before creating a mascot that attracts customers’ attention, it is necessary to understand what mascot is and to actually learn the target market of your brand or product in advance.

Is your target market children, teens or parents? This target market will help to determine what kind of mascot you would like to have. For example, if it is for children, you could create a mascot design character with funny characters and lively colour combinations. These kind of mascot characters will certainly be loved by children and will be easy to remember.

6. A media to communicate with customers

There are popular product taglines and also jingles that are so familiar to customers’ ears. Once you heard the tagline or jingle, customers will immediately recognize the specific product. This means that the communication with customers is well-established through the tagline and jingle.

If you are having difficulties finding a tagline or creating a unique jingle, designing a mascot could be an option for a creative promotional media. A successful mascot design will be easy to remember as well as popular product taglines and jingles.

7. A promotional media from customer to customer

As mentioned above, mascots can be presented in various forms starting from key chains, dolls, fridge magnets, stickers, mascot costumes, etc. When customers use various forms of mascots in their daily lives, they have unconsciously help promoting your brand or product. Promotion from customer to customer is very effective and could reach more potential customers.

With the existence of social media, promotion from customer to customer is easier to do. For instance, when a customer takes some pictures with a mascot, the customer then share it on social media. This action has unconsciously helps promoting your brand or product through social media.

Having known several mascot roles in promotional media, it is obvious that more companies and SMEs are creating mascots for promotional purposes. Surely, not all of these mascots could be widely known and remembered by people since it is not easy to create an attractive mascot that could contribute to a brand’s success. The mascot design has to actually get high recognition.

As with any good logo and packaging design, an attractive mascot design will absolutely help promoting and branding your business and products effectively.

If you are interested in creating a mascot character design but having difficulties transforming existing ideas, it is recommended to work with a mascot design services. Investing in making mascots could be the right step in promotional activities. Those who have talent in the field of design and understand what a mascot is will certainly assist you to create a mascot that can boost the success of a brand or product.

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