Design Logo for Stop Ocean Plastic on Bali Island

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Design Logo for Stop Ocean Plastic on Bali Island

Details of the company and its target audience

Bali Partnership is a program led by the Bali Governor's team, Udayana University, the University of Leeds, and SYSTEMIQ to significantly reduce ocean plastic from the island of Bali. The first phase of the project is to understand how much ocean plastic is leaking into the ocean from Bali, which rivers carry the most plastic to the sea and which sub-districts (kecamatans) are the highest priority for waste management interventions. Once priority locations are established, the Bali Partnership aims to raise international investment to support waste management and ocean plastic implementation efforts in these areas.



Name on logo

Bali Partnership

Preferred design style

  • Symbol Style

Preferred colors

    Open for suggestion. Designer is free to design with any colors.

Additional information for designers

Designs should include the words Balli Partnership and emphasis three concepts - Bali + water/ocean + partnership. They could include an image of waste management or ocean plastic, although not required. Symbols of Bali might include (but be creative!) gapura temple, ocean god, offering, traditional dress, Bali island shape. Please see hand drawn sketch of what this might look like in the attachments. If interested in working with Hindu ocean god images, the two that are most relevant are windhu segara murti and baruna murti gambar.

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Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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