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Hip, Fresh and Catchy Logo for an Ice Cream Company


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We are "Scoop & Spoon", a 100% natural, home made ice cream company. Our company goal is to make people happy with our ice cream. We believe that although money can't buy happiness, money can buy ice cream... Which is kind of the same thing.

Usually delicious food comes with a price to pay, but not at Scoop & Spoon. Our ice cream do not use preservatives, extra added coloring, or artificial sweetener. Everything that comes from nature and you can buy at your local supermarkets are what's contained in our ice cream. No obscure crazy secret ingredient... Just happiness and love!

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Jelaskan secara singkat mengenai profil perusahaan Anda

We are a starting up, home-made ice cream company that vow to deliver happiness without worries through our products. We want people that eat our ice cream to be happy, but not to worry later of what are the products they put into their stomach. It's one hundred percent real fruit flavors, one hundred percent natural ingredients, and one hundred percent natural flavors. One hundred percent happiness!

We want our logo to be used in the packaging, the booth, our stores, and we want this logo to represent our passion and joy in making our product. We make good products, we make delicious, healthy ice cream, and we want the WORLD to know that!

Siapakah target market dari bisnis/usaha Anda? (Optional)

Our target market is middle to high class, aged around 20-30 years old, could be male and female but probably more appealing to female with concern to health but still appreciate a good scoop of ice cream. Our customers are young professionals working in central business districts in Jakarta. They frequent shopping malls, they go to the gym, and they can appreciate a little expensive product but with good quality.

We want the logo NOT to be cheesy (kampungan), and we want a logo that these people (our target market) could identify as HIP and TRENDY, a logo that they would even wear as a t-shirt and be proud about it.

Apakah ada link atau keterangan tambahan sebagai referensi untuk desain Anda? (Optional)

Please make the logo clean, sleek, and memorable without too much colors.
Please refer to the attachments for "inspiration."

Apa nama yang Anda inginkan di logo? Jelaskan mengenai desain yang Anda ingin

"Scoop & Spoon"

This brand represents the simple way to enjoy our ice cream: Just ask us to scoop it, and then spoon a mouthful to taste the happiness. We want this logo to represents happiness, uses bright but not cheesy color, and memorable.

The font should not be too thin, it should represent the "delicious-ness" of our ice cream. The OO-s in the words scOOp and spOOn could be modified also to create something memorable in the logo.

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Apa warna yang Anda inginkan di dalam logo? (Optional)

Any color often used in food logo. Please avoid neon or cheesy colors.

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Jenis file type apa yang Anda perlukan? (Optional)

especially AI, Vector EPS and high res JPEG

Apa jenis logo yang Anda inginkan? (Optional)

Could be a typographic play of the company name, Scoop & Spoon. Could also be pictures but it should, again, emphasize the company name and our philosophy.

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Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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