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Label for Pesticides



Theme and details on the design

We need front and back label design for our pesticide products. There is specific regulation for pesticide label as set by the Department of Agriculture. Please see label format attachment for more detail.

The label will be printed and used for all type of packages (bottle, jerry can, drum, sachet, sack). Refer to packaging attachment to get the idea of the packages.

Lampiran 2

Lampiran 3

Jenis file apa yang Anda mau minta dari desainer kami (Optional)

Please make the master file in the format that is easy to open and edit in simple software. We will need to change the text for the manual in the back label.

Please make the label in high resolution so it will be clear when printed for 200 L drum and 200 kg sack.

Siapakah target market dari perusahaan Anda (Optional)

Our market target is the end user (plantation companies, farmers, government projects).

We would like our label to be easily recognized as pesticide product, but also different from the typical pesticide label so we can stand out. The text in front label should be easy to read (esp. the brand name and "danken" logo) and attractive to the users.

Jelaskan kepada kami mengenai desain label yang Anda inginkan

Please put "danken" logo and brand name as the center of attention.
Some of Brand Names: DKmetrin 500 SC, DKiuron 80 WP, DKmetfuron 20 WG, etc.
Please see Products attachment for more details.

The designers can design the label using one of the product in the list, just pick any, if we like the design and want to use it for other brand, we will ask for help to modify the brand name and related info.

Jelaskan secara singkat mengenai profile perusahaan Anda

PT. Danken Indonesia plans to sell pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) throughout Indonesia.

Lampiran 1

Warna apa yang Anda inginkan di dalam label (Optional)

There is no specific color request.

Apakah ada hal lainnya atau link yang ingin Anda sampaikan kepada desainer kami? (Optional)

We will pick one design as a winner and use it for our strongest product. We will also buy 7-20 additional designs for our other products, depending on the number of designs that we like.

Thank you to those who are interested in this contest, and thank you in advance for those who submit design concepts!

Seperti apakah style label yang Anda mau (Optional)

We want the label to be a combination of text, logo, and pictures (if appropriate).
We will provide the text and company logo (see attachment).
The designers need to design the brand name logo/look.
If the designers think additional pictures/vectors will be suitable, then we welcome the designers to do so.

File Attachment

Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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