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Our client @bali-alm receive the perfect design for contest Label Design untuk "Bali-Alm Creme Yoghurt" with budget of IDR 4.000.000, bali-alm received:
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37 Designs submitted in this contest

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Our customer bali-alm is looking for the following label design

Contest title

Label Design untuk "Bali-Alm Creme Yoghurt"

Contest description


Food and Beverage

Details of the company and its target audience

No details from contest holder

Additional information for designers

No additional information

Jelaskan kepada kami mengenai desain label yang Anda inginkan

Bali-Alm adalah produk yoghurt yang dikemas dalam kemasan pail (ember) atau kemasan ukuran yogurt cup. Kami inginkan design label yang bisa digunakan untuk kemasan pail dan juga yogurt cup 100-150gr.

Diameter diatas (tutup) 10 cm, bagian lingkaran kemasan untuk label sekitar 31 cm kebawah dan keatas 35 cm. mungkin bisa dikurangi 8 cm agar warna yogurt bisa terlihat.

Kami butuh 4 variant untuk rasanya yaitu : plain yogurt (original), strawberry, mangga dan jambu. Untuk ukuran referensi bisa melihat kepada gambar yang saya upload berikut ini.

Warnanya harus berkesan premium, bisa kombinasi antara warna dark red dan juga gold.atau warna lain yang memberikan kesan yoghurt berkelas tinggi.

Kami juga ingin disertakan kandungan nilai gizi / komposisi : Komposi: Susu Sapi, Susu Bubuk full crem, kultur yogurt, (plain yoghurt), dan bahan lainnya akan kami tambahkan setalah kami memilih pemenang.

Blok kedua dengan barcode kami akan menuliskan tentang kualitas yogurt dan juga perusahaan kami yang akan kami berikan nanti.

Berikut ini adalah text asli dari brief untuk bahan referensi Anda :

Bali-Alm is looking for a a design for our 1kg pail, wich can later be adopted for our 100-150gr cup.e pail and for the wand
we need 4 variant for Plain yoghurt, Strawberry, Mango and Guava. The size of the desing fit same like biokult(see picture attached) we need label for the top of the pail and the outside.

the diameter in the top is 10 cm, the label around is on the down 31 cm on top 35 is curved the text must fit excatly. it can be bit smaller than biokul maybe 8cm to see the nice colour of the yoghurt.

the design must fit into our overall brand design (see our other camembert logo)

it must be high value (maybe (dark) red or gold) in combination with the fruit colour. and the company colour (green white).

as on the biokul pic we need one part for the Nilai Gizi: for the design we can use the data from biokul later i send the real nilai gizi
Komposi: Susu Sapi, Susu Bubuk full crem, kultur yogurt, (plain yoghurt) rest text we need fill when we have design.

the second block with the barcode we write a text concerning our company and our quality, i deliver this later.

Jelaskan secara singkat mengenai profile perusahaan Anda

we are a producer of high quality dairy products. we produce cheese and yoghurt, our yoghurt is a high end yoghurt no stabilizer no artificial aroma, we flavour only with fruit jam home made by bali-alm. our yogurt contain only milk and milk powder
highly creamy

Siapakah target market dari perusahaan Anda (Optional)

prive end customer and hotels

Warna apa yang Anda inginkan di dalam label (Optional)

already the colour of the fruit, and high quality look maybe gold or red, maybe black cool too.

Selain warna dari rasa variant buah, tolong kombinasikan dengan warna yang premium, seperti : merah tua, gold, hitam atau warna lain yang berkesan premium.

Jenis file apa yang Anda mau minta dari desainer kami (Optional)

psd, pdf

Sample images, sketches, or any other documents

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    gold yoghurt.jpg
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