Kontes Design Label Pomade True Mane

43 entries

IDR 2.800.000

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    @williamwilliamtioContest Holder

    28 July 2019 at 07:51AM

    Maaf agak terpending. Saya baru selesai cuti. Saya sdh discuss dgn team utk design pemenangnya dan akan menentukan pemenangnya setelah berkomunikasi dgn admin sribu.

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    25 July 2019 at 04:31AM

    mohon maaf izin bertanya. Untuk pemilihan pemenangnya harus menunggu berapa lama lagi ya?
    Terima Kasih

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    @williamwilliamtioContest Holder

    15 July 2019 at 06:28PM

    @novierye sudah di upload di bagian brief. Thanks

  • Normal sibby

    15 July 2019 at 06:27PM

    Attention: Contest Holder has updated the brief of this contest at 15 Jul 2019, 18:27.
    Please click here to read the updated brief.

  • Normal nvvvvvv

    13 July 2019 at 03:09PM

    bisakah logo .png dikirim di sini?

  • Normal sibby

    09 July 2019 at 08:55PM

    Dear All,

    Welcome to the our new contest!

    Before you get yourself rolling, please be mindful to these following rules:

    1. One design upload is strictly for one concept only.
    2. Create design as requested. You should not submit other category design even CH ask for it in chat room.
    3. Uploaded designs can not be deleted unless if there is a double upload by system.
    4. IMPORTANT! Read the brief before you start your design!

    Have fun!

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