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Things that Need to be Understood Before invitation design services

The design of an invitation card is often the first point of contact of an event. The invitation card you sent has a big influence on the recipient's first impression on the event that you are going to hold. Generally, invited guests also know a lot of information about your event from the invitation they received. Starting from what program will be held, what is the concept of the program, what kind of dress code should be worn, and etc.

Nowadays, invitation design is one of the most creative print design. Not a few talented designers are truly able to create exceptional inspirational design invitations. However, determining the design that best fits your event certainly requires unreasonable consideration, right?

Are you currently planning to design an invitation for your event soon? Keep reading this article to find out what things you need to know and understand before starting to design invitations!

What is an invitation design services?

Invitation cards are letters in the form of cards used to ask or invite recipients to attend an event, such as a wedding reception. Usually, invitation cards are formally written, printed with machines, use special paper, and shipped long before the date of the event.

In this modern era, types and models of invitations are very varied. There is an invitation card in the form complete with the letter. Some are more creative, such as fans, calendars, labels, and many more.

The sending of invitation cards that have been printed to invited guests is the rights and obligations of the event organizers, either by delivering themselves, asking for help from staff or other parties and sending via courier or post.

Invitation Card Function

The function of the invitation card is to invite the recipient to be part of an event, whether it is a happy or grief event that experienced by the person holding the event in question. For example, such as a wedding event that invites the recipient of a wedding invitation to feel the happiness of the wedding event that held by the bride and groom. That is why there are so many types of invitation cards according to the event held.

Invitation Type Paper

You may have heard that the final quality of an invitation is determined by the type of paper used, right? Therefore, choosing the right paper and high quality is a very important factor to consider when you printing invitation cards.

For everyone who wants to print or make an invitation often submit the entire process to the printing parties, including in determining the type of paper to be used. Even though you can actually choose for yourself the type of invitation paper to be used. The following are the types of paper commonly used to print invitations:

1. Jasmine paper

This type of invitation paper has a glitter texture that makes it look more luxurious. Usually, Jasmine paper is used to print wedding invitations. However, this type of paper can’t go through the printing process. The design can only be applied using the emboss and deboss technique.

In addition, Jasmine paper tends to be difficult to absorb ink. That’s why this type of paper is not recommended for printing using ink because the drying process will take a very long time.

2. Art Carton paper

Art carton can be said to be the same as an art paper, but only has a different gram. Art carton paper types tend to be thicker when compared to art paper. Therefore, this one type of paper tends to be more often used as product tags and the kind like that. Although not a few also choose to use this type of paper to printing invitations.

3. Art Paper

This type of invitation paper has a glossy effect with a smooth surface. Besides being used to print invitations, art paper is also often used in making hanging calendars.

In making invitation cards, this paper type can be used as a coating on the outside or hardcover invitation. Although not a few also use it for the inside or contents of the printed invitation.

Usually, invitations that are printed using art paper will look more luxurious if laminated using UV, glossy, or doff.

4. Ivory paper

Ivory paper is a type of invitation paper that mixes between Art carton, Matt paper, and Art paper. This type of paper is also very suitable combined for a unique invitation design. Therefore, Ivory paper is considered very suitable for making modern invitation designs that feature more inspirational, creative and unique concepts.

5. Matt Paper

Invitation paper from the Matt paper type at a glance bears a resemblance to Art paper. But, when we seen more clearly, Matt paper does not have a glossy color and tends to absorb ink faster. The Matt paper is more often used in making wedding invitations.

6. Linen / Buffalo

Linen or Buffalo paper is very suitable for making invitation cards, certificates, and photo printing. This type of paper has a motif and texture that looks striped and dense, resembling fabric fibers. Generally, Linen paper is chosen to make unique invitation card designs.

In addition to having unique characteristics, linen or buffalo paper has a very strong character so that if the invitation design is made right, it can produce a luxurious and elegant invitation card.

7. Concorde

This one has a characteristic with a surface full of irregular fiber lines. In addition, Concorde is also divided into two types, thick and thin.

Typically, thin Concordes are used for making envelopes and letterhead. While thick Concorde is more often used to print business cards or certificates. However, nowadays Concorde paper has been widely used in making wedding invitation cards because of the romantic impression it creates.

Wedding invitation cards that use this type of paper usually place thick Concorde as an invitation with only one print color. The goal is to further highlight the romantic impression.

8. Conqueror

At first glance, this type of invitation paper bears a resemblance to Concorde paper texture. However, the fibers of the Conqueror are finer with more regular fibers.

The Conqueror is also divided into two types, namely woven brilliant and laid brilliant. Each has a choice of colors and thicknesses vary.

This type of invitation paper also includes imported paper which is currently pegged at a fairly high price. No wonder if its use is considered to give a more exclusive impression for an invitation.

Those are the types of invitation papers that you need to know before deciding to print an invitation card.

However, designing an invitation card design is not an easy and may make it difficult for you to make decisions. However, this kind of heavy duty can be simplified by using professional invitation design services. Not only saves time and money, with the help of invitation design maker you will also get a more satisfying end result!

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