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5 Creative Tips to Make Cool and Attractive Brochure Design Services & Flyer Designs as the Most Effective Promotional Tool

Brochures and flyers have been trusted for a long time as two of the most effective and economical promotional tools. Even though there are now many business people who switch to online marketing, in fact many still believe in the power of promotion using this method. This media is indeed still valid, as long as it is supported by an attractive brochure or flyer design, making it more effective and efficient for your business.

What is the design of an attractive brochure or flyer? Do you need to use flyer and brochure design services?

However, before understanding all of that, it would be nice to first understand the difference between brochures and flyers.

What is the difference between Brochure Design Services and flyers?

Brochures and flyers are two of the most popular promotional media. However, do you know the difference between the two?

Well, before learning tips on making interesting brochures and flyers, please refer to the explanation of the differences between the two promotional media as follows:


Flyers are media that are printed singly or in sheets and whose main function is to attract public attention to a product, service or event. In general, flyers are only printed on one side of the paper because they are specifically designed as practical promotional media that can be read quickly.

Usually the flyer distribution is done manually from hand to hand and is shared with people who are walking, such as in an exhibition, popular public places, or on the roadside.

Because it is specifically designed as a practical promotional medium, flyer recipients tend to throw it away after they feel they have got the information they need. The spread process, and how it is then quickly disposed of by the recipient, become the background of the naming of fly-er which means flying.

In general, these printing products are printed on A4-size paper (21 cm x 29.7 cm) or use smaller size paper, such as A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm) or A6 (10.5 cm x 14) , 8 cm). In addition, the paper used is also not a heavy type considering the process of spreading flyers is quite short.

Even so, flyers can also be printed using thicker and more durable paper. Usually flyers printed on thick paper are used as media information that is used repeatedly, such as manual instructions and product specifications.


Brochure’s specifications are similar to those of flyer, but brochures are generally printed on both sides of the paper. Usually brochures also contain folds that consist of several pages of information or panels of products or services offered. This printing product includes promotional media that are very effective in influencing consumers to buy a product.

Unlike flyers that are printed in small size papers, brochures are offered in various size options. In addition, the pages of brochures are made of paper that is quite thick and heavy.

Brochures can usually be found in places such as offices, shopping centers, or tourist locations. Hospitals and health clinics usually also use brochures to provide information about health products.

Distribution of brochures is usually done by salesmen, sales agents, or producers to prospective customers who already know and are interested in the products or services offered. Therefore, the spread is not as much as that of flyer.

Of course, these two things are very different from the poster design

After knowing the difference between brochures and flyers, now is the time for you to pay attention to the tips for making those two promotional media designs.

5 Tips for designing cool and attractive brochures & flyers as a promotional medium

Whether you try to attract new customers, show off products for sale, or simply spread information about your business, brochures and flyers are effective promotional tools to use. But it can run successfully as you want only if the design of your brochure or flyer is right for your target.

Then, how to design flyers and brochures that have the potential to increase brand awareness of the business you are running?

1. Interesting to read

When talking about brochures and flyers, the key lies in the design. A cool and attractive design will be able to lure your audience to read all the information that you convey in the media. While a less attractive design will only end up in the trash, maybe even without being read.

In order to make a brochure or flyer design that is interesting, use the right image on the front of the brochure and flyer. In addition to images, titles can also attract audiences to read the contents of brochures and flyers. Therefore, you also need to make an interesting title. You can also attract your audience to read your brochures and flyers by displaying discount information for a certain period of time.

Get to know who your audience is and use it to direct your design decisions. You also need to know what message you want to convey before start designing, so you can make design decisions that reinforce the message.

To make it even more interesting, you can set a strategy regarding how to put it on a wall with a minimalist interior design.

2. Prepare files for maximum design results

After finding the design concept you want, it's time to prepare the file that will be used in the design. Prepare pictures and what information you want to convey before start designing. This will really help you in making important decisions regarding layout, length, font size, and so on.

To get the maximum print results, start by preparing headings and body copy that will be included in your brochure or flyer. Use titles and sub headers and make sure that every information you submit can be easily understood by the reader.

Then, do the same thing with the picture you are using. Collect everything in one folder and find out which one can help convey your message and where it should be placed. Images from brochures and flyers are the first thing people will see, so images that are used must also help you connect with readers and be able to describe your brand.

Apart from having to be interesting, the image or photo you use should have high resolution. Not only to get satisfactory print results, high-resolution images also make your brochure or flyer seem more professional.

When you develop a design, body copy and image selection will likely increase or even shrink. Be flexible and use this creative element to convey information that your audience needs to know.

3. Determine the file size for maximum brochure printing

In addition to the types of thickness or paper grammage, other aspect that you need to understand in making brochure designs to get the maximum printing results is paper size. In terms of printing brochures and various other printing products, the size and thickness of the paper will affect the quality of the printed brochure.

The paper size used has an impact on the content that can be included in the brochure, so it is very important to determine the size of the desired brochure before the design process begins. Large sizes will provide more space for creation. While using smaller sizes can reduce the space to convey information. So, if you have a lot of information that needs to be communicated, chose larger size that provides more space.

4. Prepare the most elegant and easy to understand brief

Remember that brochures or flyers have very limited space. Therefore, you should not use long sentences in a flyer or brochure.

Instead of using long sentences, you can prepare briefs that are short but still easy to understand. Besides that, you can use interesting photos or images that can show the superiority of your brand.

Although using more simple sentences, make sure your brochure and flyer contain important information about your brand. For example, your brand is a cafe brand, so the design of brochures and flyers that you make must contain information about the location of the café, location map, menu offered, café photos and various other valuable information.

5. Adjust to the brand

When you start the design process, make sure you adjust it to your brand. These elements describe the visual appearance and feel of your brand. Whatever type of brochure or flyer you design, you need to be consistent with the overall brand identity.

Whether it's the design of food brochures, housing brochures, school brochures, laundry brochures, Umrah brochures, hotel brochures, or other brochures.

Choose the design element (color, font, and image) that best fits your brand identity, including the tone and contents of the brochure or flyer. Select the type and size of the font you want to use. Basically, you don't need many fonts in designing a brochure or flyer. Fonts that are too diverse will actually make the reader dizzy.

Choose at least two different fonts, for example for headings and body copy. If you have set your color and font brand, make sure you use it in the design of brochures and flyers.

Determine the price of brochure design

The price of making brochures is not only to determine how many brochures you can print. But it also involves other elements such as the type of paper to the printing process that will be used.

Knowing how much budget you need to prepare for the brochure and flyer design process is also influential in making the best decisions. As an illustration, you can see the list of brochure design prices at Cool and attractive brochure or flyer designs are clearly profitable for your business and effective for attracting consumers. Choosing professional and reliable brochure designers will certainly help you get maximum results, without wasting your time and funds.

Do you need to design brochures and flyers? Meet your design needs with now. Get 100+ choices of the best flyers and brochure design services at affordable prices.

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