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Desain Company Profile for an Empire Fit Club

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Empire Fit Club is a bootcamp fitness program and also a strength and conditioning program that trains from beginners into higher level athletes. We have programs for people who start their first-time fitness, sliming, and people who wants to muscle up their body.

It is a functional training exercise that has many ways and method such as body weight, circuit training, HIT training, lifting, and also cardio all combine together to make an effective training. We wants to make people who trains with us achieve their goal effectively.

Empire Fit Club was founded in 2016. Prior to Empire Fit Club, it was originally a Military Fitness Basic Training, which trains people the way military works. But we renew our program into safer philosophy which allows every people to join our training

The founder name is Elbert Tiwa. He has a US Marine background which inspired him to build this gym.

We have 2 different programs:
1. Class (4 classes a day 2 in the morning and 2 at night)
2. PT session


Physical Fitness

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South Jakarta, 12920
Phone Number:
IG Page: @empirefitclub
FB Page: Empire Fit Club

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