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The Function of a Calendar Design Services and Its Role as a Business Promotional Media

Calendar is one of the most important aspects in people’s life. Various activities are really depend on the dates listed in the calendar, starting from working days, school schedule, and many others.

What is actually the role of a calendar along with its various information? What is the importance of a calendar in a business? This article will discuss in details about the types, benefits, and uses of a calendar in everyday life as well as for business purposes.

The Types of Calendar Design Services

A calendar is divided into two types; the printed calendar and the digital calendar. The type of calendar that you usually find in various gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops is a digital calendar.

On the other hand, the printed calendar is a classic type of calendar which usually only provides information such as dates and years. In addition, the printed calendar has a time limitation, therefore it must be replaced with a new one every year. However, the printed calendar has an advantage as it provides a more complete information than the digital ones. That information includes a list of national holidays, celebration days, and many more.

The printed calendar itself is divided into two categories; the desk calendar and the wall calendar. The size of a desk calendar, or also called a desktop calendar, tends to be small. Usually this calendar is placed on the table. This type of calendar is made from materials such as spiral and hardcover, therefore the price is higher compared to the wall calendar.

Unlike the desk calendar, a wall calendar is a printed calendar that is hung on the wall and the size is usually quite large. This type of calendar is commonly used as a work calendar.

Currently, the wall calendar is divided into three categories:

1. Monthly wall calendar

The monthly wall calendar is a wall calendar that prints the date of each month on every of its page. Therefore, this calendar has a total of 12 pages and a size smaller than most of wall calendars.

Usually this type of minimalist calendar is often used as a promotional media for Public and Private Bank.

2. Monthly digital calendar

There is other type of wall calendar that prints the dates of 2-3 months on every of its page. Therefore, this calendar is designed in 3 or 4 calendar pages for one calendar year or for 12 months.

Usually this type of calendar is used by religious organizations such as mosques, churches and even stores that intentionally order calendars in large numbers or quantities. This calendar is also printed on a relatively thin paper and a 32 x 48 cm size.

3. Yearly calendar

This type of calendar is the most popular type on the market. Not only because of its simple design, but this calendar which displays all the 12-months on 1 (one) sheet of paper also usually offered at a lower price.

This type of wall calendar is printed in a relatively thick paper and does not come with pins to hang it on the wall.

The Function of a Calendar

The main function of a calendar is to mark the time of the day, in this case, it is marked with a date. Thanks to calendar, people are able to determine working days, school schedules, holidays, and other important activities that are usually settled by using dates.

In fact, important events throughout the history of human civilization are also able to be remembered, observed and verified its validity through the exact date of the certain event, where it is closely related to the existence of a calendar in human’s life. In addition, the calendar is also a part of promotional media for an organization or business.

The Benefits of a Calendar

There are several benefits of a calendar in people’s life, such as:

1. Helps to plan activities

As mentioned above, calendar has a lot of benefits related to real-time planning activities in people’s life.

The complete information in a calendar, such as religious holidays, celebration days, and other calendar systems (e.g. Hijri, Javanese, Chinese, and some others), will help the people to plan activities or celebration days properly. This helps people to be aware of upcoming moments or important days ahead.

2. Helps to settle work schedules

The complete information in a calendar also helps companies, government agencies and educational institutions to plan their daily schedules. Companies need to set employee’s working days, educational institutions create teaching and learning schedules, government or private agencies arrange employee’s work schedules, and many more.

Not only working days, but holidays marked with red-coloured-dates are also very important for an institution. Red-coloured-dates, whether holidays or national holidays, are a mark of the absence of work as well as teaching and learning activities. Can you imagine how difficult it is to arrange such schedule without a calendar?

3. As a reminder for traditional celebration

Most people, especially in our country, are still holding tight to traditions. Therefore, other calendar systems such as Hijri, Javanese, Chinese, and some others are extremely important. The existence of calendar along with its complete information will help people to arrange various kinds of aspects related to certain traditions.

The Role of Calendar in Business

You may already understand well about the general functions and benefits of a calendar. It is time to discover the important role of a calendar for a business. Surprisingly, with only printing a low-cost calendar you can actually improve the business that you are currently running.

There are at least five benefits of a calendar for a business, such as:

1. Introducing the business

The main benefit of a calendar for a business is as a media to introduce the business itself. Typically, a calendar printed specifically by a business owner will display products or services from the associated company. The products or services will be printed on each of every calendar pages. In addition, a calendar designed for business is usually comes with company logo as an identification. Therefore, an attractive and clean design will help readers to recognize your business.

2. As an effective promotional media

Many business owners use calendars as a gift or merchandise. In fact, other than being as a useful gift, a calendar is also a very effective promotional media. Regardless which type is being used, its main function as a reminder of time makes people pay more attention to the calendar. This obviously makes people who see the calendar also automatically see the information, products, or services from your business.

3. Long-term marketing tools

A calendar consists of up to one year dates and months. As a result, people will continue to use it during the year. Its long time use makes a calendar considered as an effective long-term marketing tool compared to flyers or brochures.

Other than that, calendar is also very flexible, so it is suitable to be used as a marketing tool for many types of business whether it is a small, medium or a large scale business.

4. As a form of customer appreciation

Not limited to only promotion, calendar could also be a form of appreciation to the customers of your business. Not only because it is useful, a personalized calendar will also makes your customers feel valued. This is an ideal strategy to make customers feel happy and loyal to the business that you are currently running.

Those are some of the benefits or important roles of a calendar to a business. However, despite seeing the benefits, it is better to be cautious when it comes to creating calendar for business purposes. Create a calendar with a unique and attractive design to impress your customers.

At Sribu.com there are more than 100 of calendar design services that can assist you in choosing an effective calendar design to improve your business.

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