What are Brand, Branding and their differences ?

Have you conducted a research before about how many businesses that sell the same product like yours? Thousands or even millions

Brand exists as an identity, in other way brand is a name and a symbol that represents a product and differentiate it with other similiar products

Branding is an activity for a business owner to build and strengthen its brand. Thus, it's important for a business owner to consider how to brand the product that he/she wants to sell.

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Why is Branding Important for Your Business ?

Market is extremely competitive and thus it is a must for you to keep improving your brand because branding:

1. Gives and identity to your product

2. Shares the values and benefits of your product

3. Helps to communicate between your business and customers

4. Differentiates between your product and competitor's

Branding helps to get customer's confidence and loyalty. Customers can be your partners and assets for the company.

What Will Happen If Your Product Does Not Have a Strong Brand?

1. Harms your business's image

2. Negative impact for your business, leading to drop in sales

3. Even worst, it can even destroy your business slowly without you realizing it

We are sure you don't want it to hapen. Therefore, you need to understand the right strategies to do branding for your product and business.

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What You Need to Do to Build a Strong Brand?

The first step when you start a business is to build the character of your company or product by:

1. Get a name and logo to represent your product or brand

2. Prepare business card, letter head to represent your company

3. Prepare banner or brochure to promote your business offline

4. Get a website for customers to discover you easily online

These are the foundations of your brand to symbolize a good business in any industry

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