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  • Client Questions

  • Why should I use for my design and naming needs? is the largest Indonesian crowdsourcing community of graphic designers, web designers, illustrators and copywriters. We can help you fulfill your design demands by providing a service that:

    1. Is at a cheaper rate than agencies or creative institutions
    2. Is at a cheaper or similar rate compared to a freelancer but with designs produced at an agency's quality
    3. Has 20 different categories of designs to choose from: logo, website, packaging, business cards, invitation, T-shirt, mascot, booth, and others
    4. Allows you to get 100+ designs in just 7 days, depending on your budget
    5. Hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even some big brands like Rice Bowl, Mr Baso, Wika, Bayu Buana Travel have used. We have a customer satisfaction level of 98%
    6. Gives you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like any of the designs (only applicable if you receive less than 50 designs per contest and it doesn't include posting fee). It's totally risk-free for clients
    7. Has an extraordinary customer service is ready to serve and answer all your inquiries
    8. Have strict intellectual property standards
    9. Has a transfer of copyright agreement once you have selected the winner of the contest
    10. Allow you to view your designs wherever you are with just a simple computer/laptop since it's online based. Our clients are delighted with our convenient and efficient system

  • How does Sribu work? connects clients and a community of designers through a concept called crowdsourcing. You may think of it as an online design contest that only takes 3 simple steps:

    1.Select your design category, package and fill in the creative brief. Deposit your payment.
    The package starts at Rp 1.500.000 depending on the design category you choose. List your creative brief as detailed as possible to ensure that designers comprehend to your needs. We will run your contest once we have received your deposit payment.

    2. Designers submit their designs while you provide feedbacks
    Once your contest is live, designers will submit their logo design concepts. Within hours, you will start receiving design concepts, and giving them feedback. The contest will last for 7 days.

    3. Select a winner and download your files
    After your contest ends, you have up to 14 days to select a winning design. The designer will be notified, and you can ask for revisions during the file transfer process. Download the master file and voila, done!

  • Do you also accept printing services?

    We only provide design service, exclude printing. But, if you would like to use printing service, we have some partners that could help you. Contact our customer service if you would like to know deeper about our partners services.

  • What type of designs can I order from and how much does it cost?

    There are 20 different design and naming categories that can be ordered in It consists of:

    Starting at Rp. 1.500.000,00
    - Stationery (business card, letterhead and envelope).
    - Banner Ads (web banner and event banner).
    - Label design (graphic to be printed in the existing clothing or product).
    - T-shirt design (graphic to be printed in a T-shirt).
    - Poster design (2 posters for contest submission).
    - Flyer/Brochure (flyer/brochure design only, front and back).

    Starting at Rp. 2.500.000,00
    - Logo (logo design only).
    - Invitation design (event invitation card).
    - Packaging design (graphic to be printed in the existing packaging).
    - Product (concept design of an item such as chair, table, bottle).
    - Mascot (character or mascot design only).
    - Naming (name of a company or tag-line only)

    Starting at Rp. 3.500.000,00
    - Logo and Stationery (logo and stationery designs).
    - Simple web design (without coding, 2 pages for contest submission and max 8 pages after winning the contest).
    - Interior (concept of a room, a front image of a house, a booth).

  • Can I post a contest in multiple categories?

    We don’t allow you to post a contest with multiple categories (for example, Logo and Website in the same contest). If you need multiple items, you have to create separate contests. This is to ensure that our designers are focused in providing you their best design in a contest. In addition, the product of a design contest can also be used for the next design contest (for example, logo to be used in the next website contest).

  • What if I can't see the category I need for my design?

    You can select the category ‘OTHERS’ or you can contact us through here.

  • Why does the Simple Web Design category come without coding?

    A website consists of several layout design parts, front-end and back-end. Generally, different skills are needed in building a beautiful website with the best functions. It’s not common that someone can do both well. (Usually you will get a designer that can produce good design layouts but can’t do coding or vice versa). only offers uncoded web design, meaning clients can only purchase design pages, not CSS or HTML coding (typical web coding). You will receive PSD files from the winner of the contest which will be used by programmers to build your website.

  • What are the differences between the bronze, silver, and gold packages?

    We are proud to offer you 3 different packages:

    1. If you have a limited budget:
    We recommend our Bronze Package; it includes contest management tools, a free legal contract and money back guarantee! You can expect to receive 50+ designs.

    Optional features in the Bronze package: private contest, confidential contest, fast track or extend contest.

    Money back guarantee does not apply for Bronze package.

    2. If you need more designs:
    We recommend our Silver Package; it is includes contest management tools, a free legal contract, money back guarantee, featured contest (will be listed before bronze contest), and we will tweet about your contest to attract more designers too! You can expect to receive 150+ designs.

    Optional features our Silver package: private contest, confidential contest, fast track or extend contest.

    3. If you need more privacy and designs:
    We recommend our Gold Package; it is includes contest management tools, a free legal contract, money back guarantee, featured contest (will be listed before bronze and silver contest), confidential contest, we will tweet, post your contest in our facebook and send an e-blast to attract more designers too! You can expect to receive 500+ designs.

    Optional features in our Gold package include: private contest, fast track or extend contest.

  • How much does each of the packages cost?

    The cost of each package is shown in the price list below. Starting 18/11/2012, for each of the package, will charge Rp 250.000 (USD 25.9) as a posting fee and 20% transaction fee.

    USD Price

    *Posting Fee has been included in the pricing.

  • How can I start a design contest?

    Click the "START A CONTEST" button on the home page and you will see the "Launch a Contest" page where you will be able to choose the type of graphic work you need. For example, if you need a logo design, just click on the "Logo Design" button. Select your package according to your need. After that you will see the Registration/Login page. If you have registered earlier, you just need to input your email address and password then continue to the next stage.

    If you have not, you must complete the registration form by filling out the information requested (putting in your email address, display name, phone number and password). Do not forget to choose "Contest Holder" on the "Account Type" dropdown menu, and then click "Next".

    Next you will arrive on the creative brief page. Make your creative brief as detailed as possible: start from writing the contest title, description of the contest, your business overview, target market, color, types of files and provide attachments as references. Click on the confirm order button and you will receive your invoice. After you have made your payment according to the invoice, we will check in our bank account and your description and run your contest in less than 1 x 12 hours!

  • Can I save a draft of my contest and post it later?

    Yes you can! At the end creative brief page you will find the save progress button. Click on it to save your contest as a draft and you can edit it again after logging in and selecting your draft contest from contest history section.

  • How do I write a good creative brief?

    Your creative brief is a description of what kind of design you need. You will tell people all about what you're looking for, what kind of company you are, how you're different from your competitors, what you like and don't like, etc. In’s creative brief we provide you with a series of questions in a form format for you to fill in. We will guide you on how to fill each of the questions. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be as descriptive, detailed and honest as possible. This will help our designers produce designs closer to what you want! The better the brief, the better the work.

    Start from 06/19/2013 asking for help making a creative brief by our CS team, will be charged a fee of Rp 300,000.00 for Bronze and Silver package, whereas for Gold remains free.

  • What if I can not make a good creative brief?

    Our CS team can help you create a creative brief for free if you choose the Gold package because you will get the facilities 'dedicated account manager'. For Bronze and Silver packages will be charged at Rp 300.000,00.

  • How long will a contest be held?

    The contest will be held for 7 (seven) days. The countdown will start immediately after our team approves the contest, and the remaining time can be seen in the "Browse Contest" section. Upon the client's request, the contest may be cut to 3 (three) days long (using the Fast Track feature), or extended to 10 (ten) days long (using the Extended feature). Once a contest starts running, you will not be able to cancel it.

  • Can I change/revise the creative brief after the contest runs?

    During the Contest Period, you can access your contest page through "Browse Contest" button or from your Member Area (after you login) and choose contest history, then click on the Edit Description to start editing your creative brief. We recommend that you only change your creative brief at the initial period after the contest runs. For example, if you change it 3 days after the contest runs, designers might not notice it.

  • What does Money Back Guarantee system mean? will fully refund the prize (100% Money Back Guarantee) to ensure that the client (Contest Holder) gets the design solution with fullest satisfaction and zero risk.

    The 100% Money Back Guarantee system applies to all design categories. For interior design, web design, and calendar design, if the client gets less than 15 designs per contest (50 for other categories) AND no design that he/she likes, then the client is entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee minus the posting fee of Rp 250.000,- (USD 25.9) (fees for premium features such as confidential contest, private contest, extended and fast track cannot be refunded).

    For web design, booth design, interior design and calendar design, if the client gets less than 20 designs per contest AND no designs that he/she likes, then the client is entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee minus the posting fee of Rp 250.000,- (USD 25.9) (fees for premium features such as confidential contest, private contest, extended and fast track cannot be refunded). Silver package for logo design is exceptional, Money Back Guarantee only applied if client only gets below 100 designs.

    As for the Naming Contest, the Money Back Guarantee system is slightly different. If the client gets the name that he/she wants, but the name has been registered at the patent office (with legal evidence provided by the client), then the client has the right to choose another name. If there is no other name that he/she desires, then the client will receive a 50% refund of the prize. The Money Back Guarantee system is only for Silver and Gold package, and also does not apply to Special Promotions such as Groupon Disdus, Monthly Sribu promotions and others.

  • I am interested in creating a design contest, but I am afraid there won't be any designs I like?

    Again, you don’t need to worry. If you are not satisfied by the results and decide to not choose a winner, then we will give you a refund (minus the posting fee) no later than 2x30 business days after the Winner Pending period expires. Refund will be made through a bank transfer to the client's account.

    (*)The 100% Money Back Guarantee system applies to all design categories, except for web design, booth design, interior design and calendar design. If the client gets less than 50 designs per contest AND no design that he/she likes, then the client is entitled to 100% Money Back Guarantee minus the posting fee of Rp 250.000,- (USD 25.9) (fees for premium features such as confidential contest, private contest, extended and fast track cannot be refunded.)

  • What are the payment options in ?

    We provide methods of payment as follows:

    1. VIRTUAL ACCOUNT - transfer via ATM BCA or KlikBCA to a virtual account :
    - ATM BCA: 178 305 9910 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif
    - ATM Mandiri: 126 000 997 5599 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif
    2. Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa)
    3. Paypal

    Once you create a contest, you will get an Invoice stating that you have to make a payment via one of the methods mentioned above before running it. If you want to recheck the Invoice, you can access it by logging into, going into the Member Area, and clicking the History Contest where you can click on the Invoice of the chosen contest.

  • I have made a contest and received an email to confirm my transfer. Why haven't my contest appeared in

    There are several steps that you need to complete after you receive the email reply to confirm the payment:

    1. You have to transfer the cost of the contest (the total amount is stated in the Payment Confirmation mail) to the referred bank accounts of (either BCA, Bank Mandiri or virtual account),
    VIRTUAL ACCOUNT - transfer via ATM BCA or KlikBCA to a virtual account:
    - ATM BCA: 178 305 9910 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif
    - ATM Mandiri: 126 000 997 5599 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif


    Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa)


    2. Send us your payment confirmation, and our admin team will check and confirm your payment in less than 1x12 hours (business days) after the payment is received

    3. The Contest will appear on the "Browse Contests" section.

  • My contest has been approved, what should I do next?

    You will receive an email notification if your contest has been approved. During the 7 days of the contest, designers will start submitting their designs according to your description. Within hours, you will start receiving your first designs. Rate the design! Give feedback to the designer through the comment form within the contest (at the bottom part of the contest). Designers will then revise their designs based on the feedback you give. Therefore, more feedback will result in better designs.

  • What should I do if I want to extend my contest after the contest has been running for a few days?

  • What do the terms open, winner pending, file transfer, and closed in each of the contests mean?

    A contest in normally runs for 7 days long (unless the client chooses the Fast Track/Extended Contest feature). During that certain period, the contest will have an "Open" status, allowing designers to start submitting their designs. The remaining time of a contest can be seen on the contest page. At the end of the contest period, the "Open" status will be changed to "Winner Pending" for 7 days. This status allows client to consider and pick a winner. If the client has not selected a winner within the duration given, the prize will be given to 4 designer(s) whose work is marked the highest (rated with stars in each design). If there are no rated, the admin will select the 4 random winners. After the winner is selected, the contest would be turned into "File Transfer" period for 15 days. In this period, the winning designer must give the original file to you and you may ask for small revisions to the designer. After "File Transfer" is done, the contest would be "Closed" automatically.

  • What does the star symbol in each design in a contest mean?

    The star symbol is a rating system. You as a client can rate each of the designers’ work by giving 1-5 stars for each design. (with 1 star as the poorest and 5 stars as the best)

  • Will I get the full rights of the design given to me by the contest winner?

    Yes, you will. Prior to the design file transfer, both the client and designer must agree to the copyright transfer agreement of the winning design. Once the client receives the design file, the design will be owned by client, and the client has the full right to change, modify, and/or use the design for any purpose.

  • As a contest holder, how much time do I have to appoint a winner?

    You have 3 weeks to appoint the winning design of the contest. If you haven’t appointed a winner at the end of 3 weeks, the designer with the highest rating for his/her design will be set as the winner. If none of the designs received ratings, then has the rights to randomly select the top 4 winners based on the rating. However if none of the designer is given a rating, then will randomly choose 4 winners.

  • My contest has ended. What is next?

    Once the contest ends:

    1. The Client (Contest Holder) will appoint one (or more) winning design(s) by using the select winner button that appears on each design. Once the winner has been appointed, the contest holder cannot change his/her decision. Furthermore, the winning designer(s) will be notified via email and through the contest page.

    2. Afterwards, the contest holder and the winning designer(s) will have a new tab in the contest page, which is a “FILE TRANSFER” button. Click on the button to continue.

    3. Before the file transfer takes place, both the contest holder and winners must provide a testimony and agree to the Copyright Transfer Agreement; Both parties will be given the opportunity to chat privately (Considering both contest holders and designers may not be online at the same time, we advise both parties to be patient, and stay focused to monitor the response of the other party; This whole process usually takes 2-3 days).

    4. At this stage, the contest holder will be given 1 (one) month to make any minor revisions. Once the contest holder receives the design file in the required format, he/she may close the Design Transfer Process, and give their consent for the prize to be transferred to the winner(s). If minor revisions have not been completed after the 1 (one) month period, the prize will still be transferred to the winner(s).

    5. The Client will have to click on the close contest button which declares that the file transfer process has been finalized, and authorize to transfer the payment to the winner (s).
  • What if I have more than 1 winner in my contest? Can I still request for a file transfer of their design from the other winner?

    If you have more than 1 winner in your contest, you will be able to select which winning designer you want to do a file transfer with in the file transfer page, and each of them will have their own unique file transfer and comment form.

  • What if I don't like any of the designs submitted?

    If you don't like any of the designs submitted when the contest ends, and you received less than 50 designs, then you are entitled to our Money back guarantee policy. However, if you have received more than 50 designs but you don't like any of it, then you are not entitled to our Money back guarantee policy and will still have to choose one of the designs as the winner. If you have not chosen any design after 21 days after the contest is closed then Sribu is entitled to choose 4 top winners or 4 random winners.

  • I have closed my contest. Can I download my chosen file now?

    Sure, you can! Here is how:
    1. Login to your account, click on the Member Area and choose History Contest.
    2. You can select one of your contests from the list, then click "View" in the File Transfer section.
    3. Go back to the File Transfer section where you can download the file that was uploaded by designers before the contest ended.

  • I want to buy additional designs in a contest, what is the procedure and how much does it cost?

    If you are planning to buy lots of designs, you should choose the 'Bulk Order' feature when you create the contest. With the 'Bulk Order' feature you can get more designs from our designer community. You can buy additional designs in a contest after the contest ends. After the contest ends, there will be a 'Buy Design' button which appears below each of the submitted designs. When you click on the button, you will receive an invoice which you have to pay before getting the design. As per 18/11/2012, we have a new policy in place! We have implemented a fixed price for additional designs that you wish to purchase. Please take note that you can purchase an unlimited amount of additional designs, even 100 designs or more.

    Update as of 25/3/2013: Additional winners do not need to provide revisions to his winning designs.

    Below is the new list of prices:

    Runner up Rate Card

    Payments can be made to this account after you receive your invoice:

    Transfer via ATM BCA or KlikBCA to a virtual account:
    - ATM BCA: 178 305 9910 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif
    - ATM Mandiri: 126 000 997 5599 - PT Sribu Digital Kreatif

  • Can I change the winning designer during the Winner Pending period?

    You can't change the winning designer that you have selected, unless the design you have chosen turns out to be a plagiarized.

  • What is a naming contest?

    You can use a naming contest to find a name for your company or tag-line. A naming contest is slightly different from design contest because:

    1. A Naming contest is automatically a confidential contest, meaning that the names will only be shown to the client.
    2. After the contest ends, the client can check the availability of the name or tag-line by checking on his/her own to the patent office (it is not Sribu’s duty to check for availability or registering the patent of the name). If the selected name or tag-line has been registered, then client can choose other name or tag-line.
    3. After making sure that the name is available, the client can then select that name as the winner. There will be no file transfer section for naming contests.

  • Designer Questions

  • Why should I join as a designer? acts as a "bridge" that connects designers and potential clients. Therefore, we provide you with two options to utilize our service: by either registering as a client or a designer. It only takes 10 seconds to register and it’s free! Simply click here or click the “Join Now” button at the top of any Sribu page. After you register, you will receive an email to activate your account (check in your junk or spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox). Just click the link in the email and you are good to go!

    1. To improve your design skills by competing and learning from other designers.
    2. To build your portfolios by participating in the contests.
    3. To be able to work from home.
    4. To earn income from your winning designs.

  • How much does it cost for me to be a designer in

    It is absolutely free to register and you will not be charged any commission if you win.

  • What information will I need to provide to receive payments?

    You need to provide your BCA or Mandiri account information to receive payments.
    - Account name
    - Account number

  • Does have a standard code of conduct for designers?

    Yes we do, our standard code of conduct for designers can be read from here.

  • How will I find out about new contests in

    New contests will be displayed in the Browse Contest section of our website. Depending on the package chosen by clients, some of the new contests will be announced through Twitter, Facebook, or Email-blasts.

  • Can I follow a contest without participating in it?

    As of today, you can’t follow a contest without participating in it. Once you have submitted a design, you will be sent a daily recap of the contest every morning.

  • Is every contest on prepaid?

    Yes, the client prepays every contest posted on to guarantee that there will be a winner and a prize to be distributed to the winner. (As long as the money back guarantee does not occur) The prize information of each contest can be seen in Browse Contest.

  • I am a designer and I want to participate in a design contest in Is there a maximum number of designs that I am allowed to upload in a contest? has 3 (three) types of design packages, which are Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. Each package consists of a maximum amount of designs that a designer can upload. Here's the breakdown:
    - Bronze: 3 designs
    - Silver: 5 designs
    - Gold: 8 designs
    You may send less than the specified amount, but not more than that! So, make sure to send your best and most creative designs. If you get more than 3 stars (rating) for your submitted design, you are given 1 more slot to upload.
  • How can I upload my design?

    To upload your design, simply go to any of the running open contests and click on the upload design tab. Take note of the size and number of available designs that you can load.

  • What are the acceptable formats to upload my design works during the contest?

    You are only allowed to submit work in JPG or PNG formats. File size has to be less than 500 KB with a width of less than 750 px and a height of less than 600 px. No clipart (must be original work of art) or watermarks are allowed and the image must be centered. (Horizontally and vertically with sufficient spacing around it). For every category of design, you can only submit that specific category of design. Meaning that for a logo design, you can only submit logo design but not more than that. You can't submit packaging and stationery designs in a logo design contest. Submitting different kind of category design will result in your designs being deleted.

  • What are the various file formats I have to give my work in to the clients if I win the contest?

    Usually clients will write down the format of the files they need in their creative brief. Typical formats needed are:
    - EPS (Vector) for logo, packaging, product, T-shirt, billboard banner, mascot
    - PSD for website, invitation, calendar, stationery, website banner, label, icons

  • How do I know when something is plagiarized?

    Plagiarism is always a debatable topic. We see similar logos at some point in our lives, but the companies that own both logos never sue each other for the similarity of their logos. We cannot theoretically determine what should be and what should not be considered plagiarism.

    In the graphic design field, some of you might be familiar with the term “overused logo/concept”. Basically, it refers to logos using similar basic concepts. Click here for more info on that

    Okay, to sum things up, let us break it down

    What is considered plagiarism in
    A design that is more than 95% similar with an existing design (within or outside is considered plagiarism, especially if an apparent evidence of a plagiarized work is found. This is determined by the use of font, color, shape, and brand identity.

    What is NOT considered plagiarism:
    Similar concepts ARE acceptable (e.g: creating a green, minimalistic vector of leaf for a nature-based corporation → it's a concept. This particular concept might be commonly found in a logo contest for a nature-based corporation).

    Again, please refer to the link above to find out what is considered as similar concepts.

    Since this is issue is often debated, feel free to consult us – Sribu staff – or have a direct consultation with the contest holder. We can assist you to avoid plagiarism as far as we can. In a contest, the regulations of what is and what is not considered plagiarism is the contest holder's decision, since he/she has the right to choose a winner.

  • Can I submit two different designs in one slot?

    No, you are not allowed to submit two different designs in one slot. You can upload four pictures of your work in a one slot ONLY if it is in different colorizations (like black and white, grayscale, blue color scheme, etc). No change in design elements and placements are allowed.

  • I have uploaded my design. What should I do now?

    You can ask for feedback from the client in the comments below the gallery contest. If you are lucky enough, you will be rated by the client which will allow you one additional slot (chance) to submit new designs if you receive more than 3 stars. Use the available slots as efficiently as you can by improving your designs according to the client's feedback.

  • Why is the gallery hidden in some contests?

    The gallery in some of the contests is hidden because the contest is labelled as confidential or private. The client selects the private and confidential features when he/she first creates the contest.

  • Why can't I see the winning entries in some contests?

    You can’t see the winning entries in some contests because the contest is labeled as confidential contest. Confidential contest is a feature chosen by the client when first creating the contest which allows only the client to see all the design submissions from the beginning to the end of contest.

  • Why do I see eliminated designs in some contests?

    There are two types of eliminated designs:
    - Client elimination: Client eliminates designs that are totally different from what is being requested in the creative brief.
    - Sribu's elimination: eliminates designs that violate the designer code of conduct.

  • How does the winning selection and prize transfer process occur in

    The winning designer is selected by the client (Contest Holder). The winning designer will get 80% from the total package minus posting fee. The remaining 20% will be given to as transaction fee.

    Starting from 25/4/2013, designer's payment will be using a new payout system. The new payout system is accessible from designer’s profile account and allows designer to view their earnings and balance. Designer can click on the ‘withdrawal’ tab to withdraw their balance earning. All payments released to designers will be subjected to PPH fee of 3 % of the winning prize. Designer is required to have BCA or Mandiri account registered in their's profile in order to process the payment. does not process payments to any other banks aside from BCA or Mandiri. All payments will be processed every Wednesday. If your payment request occurs on Wednesday after 12 PM (WIB), your payment will be processed the following Wednesday.

    The minimum balance for payment request is Rp. 500.000, - , if your earnings is less than Rp. 500.000,- you will not be able to do payment request. To get additional information regarding payout request process, you can go to:

  • My design won a contest, what should I do next?

    After you win a contest, you will find a new file transfer page in the contest you won. Click on it and sign the copyright transfer agreement by writing your first and last name in the provided space. After that, you have to transfer the master file to the client. The master file varies according to the client's requirements (e.g: a client might need a PSD master file format for a web design, or a client might need an AI master file format for a logo). Once the client confirms that the file has been received, the client will close the contest and you will receive your payment the following Wednesday.

  • When will I get paid?

    We release payments to designers every Wednesday. For example, if the client closes the contest and gives her/his consent for the prize to be transferred to the winners on Tuesday, then on the following Payment Day, will transfer the prize to the winners. In the same way, if the client closes the contest on Thursday, then the prize transfer to the winners will be conducted on the next Payment Day, which is on the Wednesday of the following week.You will receive the receipts of the payment 1-2 days after the payments have been made

  • Are there any additional fees that I need to pay during the prize transfer process?

    All payments released to designers will be subjected to a PPH fee of 3 % of the winning prize. Designers must have BCA or Mandiri account for to process the payment. will not process payments for designers to other banks aside from BCA or Mandiri.

  • What is a Runner Up?

    In a contest, there will only be one winner whose design will be bought by the client. However, in the occasion that the client needs more than one design, the client will choose additional winners. This additional winner is called a Runner Up. If you are selected as the Runner Up, you will get prizes as listed below where you will need to follow the file transfer procedure* before we process your winning prize.

    Runner up prize

Pencapaian Kami

Rp 6.540.180.000