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How it Works

How It Works 1 - SribuTell us what you need

Choose from over 20 categories, set your budget, and fill out the creative brief form.

How It Works 2 - SribuReceive hundreds of designs

Over 7 days, designers compete in a contest to create the design you love. While the designs are pouring in, leave your comments and feedback so they can be refined and polished to your liking.

How It Works 3 - SribuPick your favorite design

Choose the design you love most. Ask for as many revisions as you need. The winning designer will receive the prize money only when you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Scenario Example

1. Sharon needs a logo for her new restaurant business. She signs up as a contest holder in

2. She creates a design contest at Sribu, sets her own budget and provides detailed creative brief of how she wants her new coffee shop logo to be designed.

3. After submitting her payment, Sribu will review her creative brief within 12 hours before approving her contest.

4. Once her contest has been approved, she will get her first design within minutes and receive the remaining hundreds of designs in 7 days. She provides feedback and revisions to the designers that participated.

5. After 7 days, the contest ends. Sharon is pleased with the submitted designs and chooses the winner. She works with the winner for final revisions before download the master file of the perfect design.

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